New Album from IRON ATTACK!

news - 25.11.2015 12:28
source: Toranoana
Power metal band IRON ATTACK! will release their first original album on January 20th.

Tetsugeki sangokushi ~SANGOKU ATTACK!~ is a concept album based on the Chinese epic novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". It focuses specifically on the story of Liu Bei and his followers up to the Battle of Chibi. Vocalists Yuma and minusiyon both perform on the album, and GUNBRIDGE frontman YAMA-B makes a guest appearance.

This album is IRON ATTACK!'s first full-length release to be released commercially, and it is currently available for pre-order globally via CDJapan and Amazon.

A trailer for Tetsugeki sangokushi ~SANGOKU ATTACK!~ can be watched below:

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