New Single from callme

news - 14.07.2017 00:34
source: OHP
Self-produced idol unit callme will release a new single on August 9th.

Titled One time, it will be available in six editions. Types A through C will be sold in stores nationwide, and all three will feature the title track and Why I am, as well as instrumental versions of both songs. Type A will come with a DVD featuring the music video for One time, while Type B's DVD will include a video titled callme time -Off Shot Movie- instead. Type C will be CD-only, but it will add a third track titled Peaceful world and its instrumental version.

Types D through F will be event-limited versions, with each featuring a different member of the trio on the cover. Each version will contain the title song, an exclusive B-side, and instrumental versions of both tracks. Type D will have Keep trying, Type E will feature Touch the sky, and Type F will contain No more.

A short version of the video for One time can be viewed below.

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