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news - 11.08.2017 04:09
source: OHP
The always productive SKY-HI has announced two collaborative releases and his first live DVD and Blu-ray.

In anticipation of Say Goodbye to My Business, his August 10th show with fellow rapper SALU, SKY-HI recently released a collaborative single with him titled RAPSTA. It features three tracks: the title song and its instrumental and acapella versions. You can purchase the single on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

On September 27th, he will release a collaborative single with pop-rock group Czecho No Republic titled Time Travelling. The single will also feature a special version of the band's song MUSIC featuring 12 of their friends, including GEN from 04 Limited Sazabys, Sensei from Tokyo Karankoron, singer-songwriter Inoue Sonoko, and many others. The limited edition of the single will also feature a bonus DVD with a music video for the title song and documentary footage.

In addition, SKY-HI will be releasing his first live DVD and Blu-ray, SKY-HI Tour 2017 Final "WELIVE" in BUDOKAN, on the same day. On top of the concert footage, both formats will feature documentary videos and audio commentary from SKY-HI and Kensuke from SUPER FLYERS.

A trailer for SKY-HI Tour 2017 Final "WELIVE" in BUDOKAN and the video for Sleep Walking from his October 2016 collaboration album with SALU Say Hello to My Minions can be viewed below.

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