GAMEOVER to Disband

news - 02.10.2017 19:08
source: OHP
Visual kei band GAMEOVER have announced that they will disband in 2018.

The announcement was made via a message on the band's official website. In a group message, the band members thanked the fans and their staff for supporting them since their formation in November 2015 and apologized for not being able to meet their expectations. They stated that while they only have a few shows left, they hope fans will continue to support them until the very end. Individual member comments are also available on their website in Japanese.

Their final performance will be a show titled GAME OVER that will be held at Takadanobaba AREA on January 12th, 2018.

However, before that, they will hold a special live called Zerohachi-kun VS Gamera to celebrate their second anniversary as GAMEOVER on November 20th. It will be a two-man show with the members' previous band 0801ni209XX6.

GAMEOVER released a live-limited single titled 3rd stage passcode key on September 29th, and their mini-album continue just came out this April. A trailer for the single and the full video for Ousama Game from continue can be viewed below:

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