Konishi Manami to Release Debut EP

news - 05.10.2017 15:17
source: Press Release
Konishi Manami, who is most recognized as an actress, will release her debut EP I miss you worldwide on October 7th.

I miss you, which comprises four tracks, is a collaborative work between Manami and rap star KREVA. It opens with slow jam I miss you, followed by This is love that features KREVA’s bouncy EDM signature beat with Manami’s visceral rap flow, moves on to a lighthearted pop tune Tsumetaku shinaide and closes with an airy, intimate love song No.

“I made these songs with straightforward feelings,” Manami comments on the EP.

Pre-sales of I miss you have begun on iTunes and Apple Music at https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1282954897&app=itunes.

The teaser video for the EP can be watched below:

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