Details on THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S' New Single

news - 15.10.2017 18:33
source: OHP
As previously reported, visual rock band THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S have a new single scheduled for release on November 22nd.

Recently, the group revealed more details about Jougen no tsuki no Orchestra -Stella Note Magic-. Their first single of 2017, it will be available in two editions: a limited CD+DVD version and a regular CD-only edition. Both will feature three tracks in total. The title track and the B-side SILVER BULLET are featured on both versions, but each one has a different third track.

The limited type comes with a new version of EARNEST GAME titled EARNEST GAME -2nd STAGE-, while the regular type has a new version of MONSTER'S ROAR called MONSTER'S ROAR - WILD BOOST-. The limited edition's DVD contains the music video and offshot material for the title track.

EARNEST GAME was originally the band's first single, and it was released in May 2014, but it was only available via mail order or at live shows. MONSTER'S ROAR, however, was a track featured on their first album A BEGINNING FROM THE END., which was released back in August 2012.

The new single can be pre-ordered via websites like CDJapan.
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