First EP from BABOO

news - 18.10.2017 16:15
source: OHP
Visual kei band BABOO will release their first EP on November 2nd.

Titled kokuhaku, it will feature four tracks. This release marks a new chapter for the band, with a much darker theme than their fantasy-inspired, live-limited debut album Welcome to the BABOO world.. The lead track from that release, Akkanbee, saw the band sporting a much softer sound and a colourful, child-like image. This release is said to straddle the line between reality and fantasy.

A relatively new band, BABOO formed in October 2016 and just played its first show this January. Its line-up features Kazuhisa Takayama, the bassist of rock band room12, performing under the stage name NINE. Also a photographer and art director, Takayama has photographed artists such as vistlip, Kiyoharu and NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, and he also handled the art direction for the new EP and produced the video for its lead track, Mr.DirtyMoon. The band's main composer is guitarist JOY.

You can follow BABOO on Twitter or check out their official website for more information.

The video for Mr.DirtyMoon can be viewed below.

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