WANIMA's First Major Album

news - 25.10.2017 22:53
source: natalie.mu
Rock band WANIMA will release their first full album since joining unBORDE, a division of the major label Warner Music Japan, on January 17th, 2018.

Titled Everybody!!, the album will feature 14 tracks. These will include CHARM from their May single Gotta Go!!, their digital single Yatte miyou, which was used in the popular au Santaro series of commercials, and Tomo ni from their 2016 hit single JUICE UP!!.

Frontman KENTA explained the title in a comment about the release, stating that he hopes it will be an album that reaches as many people as possible, regardless of their age or gender.

In addition, they have released a song titled Human from the album via iTunes as a preceding digital single.

An announcement video for the release that also doubles as a new MV for the song CHEEKY can be viewed below.

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