Swinging Popsicle to Release Compilation CD

news - 09.01.2018 15:34
source: Press Release
Rock band Swinging Popsicle will release their two-disc compilation CD GOLDEN☆BEST Limited TIME TRAVEL ~Sony Music Years Selection~ on March 2nd.

The 30-song collection will feature new cover artwork and will be produced on the high-quality Blu-spec CD format, with remastered songs from Swinging Popsicle, HEAVEN, Fennec!, as well as the single Satellite Tower, the ending theme of the Fuji TV music program “HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP”.

For their major debut 20th anniversary holiday concert Add Some Music To Your Christmastime on December 22nd last year, Swinging Popsicle performed over two hours for the sold-out audience at Shimokitazawa Rhapsody in Tokyo. The set list covered early releases like Sunny Silent Park e.p. and Fennec! through LOUD CUT (with music from the Nitroplus game Sumaga – Star Mine Girl) and their latest release, flow, which includes the holiday song at Christmastime.

Vocalist Mineko Fujishima said, “We packed so much into this acoustic concert, and it was so great and worthwhile looking back at 20 years with our fans! Thank you to all the people that made the trip out to see us. A lot of stuff has happened in 20 years, but this concert overseas was one of the most memorable, and we hope we can do it again! Hope you support us again next year!”

Guitarist Osamu Shimada said, “Lots of people traveled a long way to see Popsi’s concert. Thanks so much! We had lots of fun playing songs from before our debut to our newest single. Hope you listen to Popsicle again in 2018!”

Bassist Hironobu Hirata said, “I can’t quite believe that it’s already been 20 years since our debut, but this concert was a really wonderful time where we could fully appreciate growing older together with our fans. We could feel the support of the fans who couldn’t make it to the concert, so we want to continue making Swinging Popsicle music for the whole world.”

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