New Album from KAT-TUN

news - 09.06.2018 17:48
source: OHP
KAT-TUN will release a new album on July 18th.

Titled CAST, it will be the group's first original album in about four years, following 2014's come Here. It will contain a total of 17 tracks, including the title song from their comeback single Ask Yourself and Unstoppable, as well as a solo track from each of the group's three members.

The album will be available in three editions. Limited Edition A will come with a 52-page lyric booklet and a bonus DVD that will feature the music video and making-of for Unstoppable. Limited Edition B will have a special drama-style video starring the members titled CASTing Video Clip and making-of footage, and its CD will also include a special "project song" titled Kun, giving it a total of 18 tracks. The regular edition will be CD-only, but it will feature an exclusive bonus song, giving it 18 tracks as well.
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