New Mini-Album from Aoi-168-

news - 06.07.2018 01:12
Ayabie vocalist Aoi's solo project Aoi-168- has announced some exciting news. The project has transferred to the Tokuma Japan Communications label, and it will release a brand new mini-album on September 26th.

Titled New Classic, the release will be available in two CD-only editions. The regular edition will contain seven tracks, including the song MUSIC, which was released as a digital single in August 2017. The limited edition will add three more extra tracks: beauty girl, Break out and a self-cover of Hagun no toki, a track originally released by his special unit with Megamasso guitarist Ryohei, Aoi & Ryohei.

Musicians who contributed to the recording of the release include regular members of his support band such as sebastian from BULL ZEICHEN 88, NAOKI (ex-Kagrra,, FANTASISTA) and YUKI from Versailles.

This will be the first physical release Aoi-168- has put out in four years. Aoi stated that it will feature songs from the composers that have shaped his music career, including Kazutake from MASK, which was the first band he pursued activities with seriously, Ryohei, who was with him in Ayabie when he decided he wanted to devote his life to being a musician, Yumehito, who was there when Ayabie made their major debut, and Takuya Watanabe, who helped him with his solo work.

A short version of the video for MUSIC can be viewed below.

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