Joze to Disband

news - 22.07.2018 06:39
source: OHP
Rock band Joze (aka José) have announced that they will cease activities in the fall.

The band's career will come to an end following their one-man live Utopia no seikatsu, which will be held at Tokyo's Shimokitazawa ERA on October 7th. As bassist Haruto Yoshida withdrew from the group this January, leaving vocalist/guitarist Souta Habuka and drummer Nobumitsu "Jinjin" Nakagami the only remaining members, they will be playing their final show with a support bassist.

In individual comments on their official website, the members both thanked their fans for their support and wrote that this decision was a mutual one that they made in order to face the future without regret. Habuka stated that he intends to continue pursuing music just as persistently, but Nakagami was less clear about his plans after their last live.

Formed in 2010, Joze has released one full album and four mini-albums. Their latest mini-album, honeymoon, came out in 2016.

The videos for Ryuuseiu to Umbrella Song and Cider wa kirameite, which are both featured on honeymoon, can be viewed below.

Ryuuseiu to Umbrella Song

Cider wa kirameite
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