New Label for Japanese Artists Launches with Tentenko LP

news - 04.08.2018 18:50
source: Press Release
Toothpaste Records, a new label based in London and Tokyo releasing music from Japanese artists on vinyl worldwide, launches with the eponymous debut album from synthpop solo artist Tentenko. The transparent pink vinyl LP is limited to 1000 copies and will be released on September 21st. The LP includes an inner with lyrics in English and Japanese.

The experimental pop maverick and former member of the punk idol group BiS has featured on dozens of collaborative and solo releases in her homeland but this is her first international release. The LP will be the inaugural release on Toothpaste Records and is released simultaneously in Japan on Alegori, the first in a series of albums from new Japanese artists.

Tentenko features songwriting and performance contributions from cult star Shintaro Sakamoto and ‘fourth member’ of YMO, Hideki Matsutake AKA Logic System alongside newer acts such as Emerald Four and Pellycolo. Tentenko has recorded previously with artists such as legendary noise band Hijokaidan, and has featured on several Top 10 hits and nationwide tours in Japan as a member of punk idol group Brand-New Idol Society AKA BiS.

Tentenko: “My music is a combination of different styles i love. I like to mix the sound of classic pop with underground music, like combining pop from the ‘Showa’-era in Japan with noise music. Even if we are far away, music has no borders. I am excited to release this album overseas!”

Watch the music video for Kiken Na Highway below:

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