news - 21.08.2018 00:47
Earlier this month, it was announced that a mysterious new visual kei band called FUSHIANA had formed. It was revealed that the band featured a guitarist named JUN and a drummer named SETSU, as well as more members that would be revealed at a later date.

On August 15th, the band held its first "pre-live" and the full line-up was finally revealed. The rest of the line-up consists of all three members of the visual kei band Hakubishin: vocalist NAGASHIMA YUI, guitarist YAAKAZU (formerly known as Kazu) and bassist LiRu. The "pre-live" was a surprise set at the end of Hakubishin's one-man held at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU that day.

FUSHIANA will hold two more "pre-lives" this month, although fans who wish to attend will have to crack the codes posted by their official Twitter account to discover the specific dates and venues. They will officially start activities with a free one-man titled Nozoki ana that will be held at Shibuya REX on October 5th. Their debut release will be a seven-track mini-album titled Fushiana that will hit stores on October 3rd.
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