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news - 27.08.2018 21:36
source: OHP
Dragon Ash frontman Kenji Furuya will release his second solo album on October 17th.

Titled THE PENDULUM, it comes over three years on from his first album Everything Becomes the Music, which was released in June 2015. Like his previous album, Furuya not only wrote and arranged all the music and performed vocals and guitar parts for THE PENDULUM, but he also recorded the bass, drums and keyboards himself. However, the album does feature a few guest musicians. HEY-SMITH members Mitsuru, Ken Iikawa and Canasu played saxophone, trumpet and trombone respectively on Playground, and PABLO from Pay money To my Pain also contributed to a number of the tracks on guitar.

Details on the specific tracklist are not available just yet, but it is known that the album will include his 2015 single Prom Night as well as both of the title tracks from his July single Playground / Wanderlust.

The album will be available in three editions. The regular edition will be CD-only and the limited editions will both come with a bonus DVD featuring music videos for Prom Night, Playground, Wanderlust and One Voice as well as live footage of Colors, Swallow Dive and Stairway from an event titled SOUND & VISION X ~ Furuya Kenji x nor ~ that was held in March. Limited Edition A will also add a towel designed by Furuya.

The videos for Playground and Wanderlust can be viewed below.

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