SYU Reveals Guests on New Solo Album

news - 16.11.2018 21:09
source: Rakuten
GALNERYUS guitarist SYU has announced he'll be releasing a new solo album entitled Vorvados on January 23rd.

In contrast to his last solo release, the fully-instrumental YOU PLAY HARD, SYU has assembled an impressive cast of guests who will feature over the album's eleven tracks. These include Dancho of NoGoD, Sono of Matenrou Opera, Fuki of LIGHT BRINGER, HARUKA of TEARS OF TRAGEDY and DOUGEN of UNDEAD CORPORATION.

Vorvados will also see SYU reunite with Akane Liv of symphonic metal band LIV MOON. She previously featured on his 2010 cover album Crying Stars -Stand Proud!-. The list of guests is rounded out by SYU's GALNERYUS bandmates YUHKI and Masatoshi Ono, plus guitarists Rob Marcello and Jacky Vincent.
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