First Album from MIMIZUQ

news - 03.12.2018 01:30
source: OHP
Visual kei band MIMIZUQ will release their first full album on March 6th.

NAMIDA QUARTET will feature 11 tracks, including their live-limited debut single Zutto suki deshita, as well as their three consecutive digital singles PINKY PUNKY PARTY!!, Zigzagza and Shizumu mori ni furu itsukushimi no ame.

The first two of these digital releases are already available for purchase via iTunes, and Shizumu mori ni furu itsukushimi no ame will be released on December 12th.

The album will be available in two editions. The limited edition will come with a photobook, while the regular edition will be CD-only.

A video featuring samples of the three digital singles can be viewed below.

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