New Album from Sheena Ringo

news - 10.04.2019 10:33
source: OHP
Singer-songwriter Sheena Ringo will release a new album on May 27th.

Sandokushi is Sheena's first original album in five years. The album will contain thirteen songs, including both title tracks from her 2015 double A-side single Nagaku mijikai matsuri / Kamisama, Hotokesama. It will also feature her more recent collaborations with ULFULS vocalist Tortoise Matsumoto and Elephant Kashimashi frontman Hiroji Miyamoto.

Sandokushi marks the end of celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Sheena's debut. May 27th was the exact release date of her debut single Kofukuron in 1998.

The video for her collaboration with Hiroji Miyamoto, Kemono yuku hosomichi, can be viewed below.

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