New Single from Earphones

news - 13.05.2019 23:21
Pop trio Earphones will release a new single on July 3rd.

Titled Churata churaha, it will be available in two editions. Both will feature the title song and the B-side Wagamama na Allegory. The title track is the theme song of the anime "Toe! Space Attendant Aoi". The members are all voice actresses, and they were all part of its main cast. The CD will also feature special audio tracks from their radio show "Earphones no sanheihou no teiri".

Both Churata churaha and Wagamama na Allegory were composed by the "music creator guild band" GESSHOKU KAIGI, which consists of experienced musicians such as GEEKS frontman ENDO., TRUSTRICK guitarist Billy and MIMIZUQ drummer Kusunose Takuya.

The "Radio Disc" version of the single will be CD-only, while the "LIVE Shin jigen no mirai dorobou Disc" version will add a bonus Blu-ray disc featuring footage from their Some Dreams Tour 2018 ~Shin jigen no mirai dorobou domo~ show at TOYOSU PIT. The concert featured GESSHOKU KAIGI performing as their backing band.

A preview of Churata churaha is available below, followed by live footage of Atashi no naka no monogatari from Some Dreams Tour 2018 ~Shin jigen no mirai dorobou domo~.

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