Acid Black Cherry To Release Second Cover Album

news - 04.05.2010 16:30
source: OHP
Acid Black Cherry, the rock/pop solo project founded by yasu, former member of Janne De Arc will release his second cover album Recreation 2 on June 30th.

This upcoming release will be Acid Black Cherry's first since their brief hiatus following the conclusion of "Acid Black Cherry 2009 tour Q.E.D." in November 2009 due to yasu developing health issues. The album will be the second cover album in Acid Black Cherry's discography and will feature both new, old and classic tracks from across the Japanese music industry.

Recreation 2 will feature covers from popular artists across the Japanese music industry, including covers from such musicians as Fish & Chips, Sawada Chikaco and Nakashima Mika. The album will also feature the track Daitokai which will be a vocal collaboration with BREAKERZ vocalist DAIGO.
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