JaME is Looking for News and Artist Files Team Members

news - 13.10.2010 21:30
source: JaME Team
Currently, the English teams (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia) of JaME is looking for new team members to assist with the news and artist files sections of our website.

News: Due to the vast amount of releases and events which occur every day in the world of Japanese music, JaME is looking for members to help keep on top of the latest news. Duties will involve gathering news from other sources, writing and editing news items and adding them to the website. Please note that this position is more focussed on editing than it is on gathering and writing news. Candidates should be able to contribute to the news regularly, as this is a very busy part of the website.

Artist files: JaME is also looking for people interested in helping out with artist files. The ideal candidate will have an interest in multiple music genres (especially J-pop and visual kei), have basic Japanese comprehension and be a motivated writer who can complete a minimum of four files a month which will consist of research, original writing and reworks.

When applying for one of these positions, you can of course be involved with other parts of JaME, but your main activities will either be the news or the artist files.

In order to apply, please check out our Join the Team page and include the requested details in your application email. You can use the contact form in order to send us your application, or send them directly to [email protected]. Questions can also be sent through either the form or above e-mail address.
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