Scar. to Resume Activities

news - 07.01.2011 21:51
Rock band Scar. have announced that they will resume activities following their hiatus, which began in February 2008.

During their break, the band made a fresh start under the name 4way Speakers. This version of the band consisted of the same line-up as Scar., but without guitarist MASAMI. In 2010, Scar. held two revival shows, with their one-man lives End of sorrow on October 6th and BRAND NEW MIND on December 31st in Nishikujo.

The band has now announced on their official homepage that they will resume activities with the concert Over Gauge~2011~ at OSAKA MUSE on March 10th. This will be a three-man live featuring Scar., A&D FEST VAINQUEUR.

Scar. has also announced the release of a new live DVD titled End of sorrow, which will feature footage from the aforementioned one-man revival shows in Nishikujo. A set release date has yet to be announced, but the band has stated on their official site that the DVD will come out after their upcoming performance.
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