Solo Single from Dolly's yuina

news - 30.01.2011 22:24
source: Brand X
Former Dolly guitarist yuina has announced his first single as a solo artist for March 2nd.

yuina has changed his appearance to a more lighter version than he sported during his time with the band. For his debut release, called Hana Kotoba, he has co-operated with D.I.E., previously the keyboardist for the project hide with Spread Beaver.

Hana Kotoba will be released in two versions, both of which will feature a different B-side. The Type A will come with Nekokaburi na O gata Onna no Honshitsu no Uta, while the Type B will instead feature Semisera, Semisera, Sopran.

More information about the artist and this release can be found on yuina's offcial homepage.
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