news - 09.03.2011 15:59
The visual kei band KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND has announced that they will end their activities after the Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo one-man tour in July, with their final live taking place on July 29th in Shinjuku LOFT.

The band states that they want to end KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND as the band they started as four members in a beautiful way and that they all came to an agreement that now is the time to do so. They promise to make it the most beautiful disbandment in the world.

However, this is not the end of the story as the members continue their activities in a new band called F’Ar÷EAST†KANφJO in the meantime from February 2011. The name is a translation of KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND. The band members have also changed their names to Linda on vocals, KETCH on guitar, SEXY ROSE SULLEY on bass and AMφN on drums for this new project.

F’Ar÷EAST†KANφJO will hold their first live on May 14th as the opening act of the event organized by KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND. They will also soon release their first demo, Ecstasy, which holds the same name as KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND's last release. Whether F’Ar÷EAST†KANφJO is a one-time project or if they will be around for longer, is currently unknown.
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