Sel'm to Lose Vocalist and Guitarist

news - 09.03.2011 22:54
Visual kei band Sel'm have announced on their homepage that vocalist Tora and guitarist Nagi will be leaving the band after their tour final on April 17th at the Shibuya O-West.

On their official homepage, Tora stated that during a break due to health reasons in February, he confronted himself with his thoughts about his vocals in Sel'm, and realized he wants to change his attitude towards singing. In a discussion with his fellow band members, they decided that Tora was going to leave the band.

Guitarist Nagi states that he could not settle with the idea of being in Sel'm without Tora as vocalist, and therefore he too decided to take a separate road. According to Nagi, this was a decision in order for Sel'm to be able to continue in a better shape, so he wants the fans to see this as a positive decision.

Sel'm thanks their fans for their continuous support and apologizes for the sudden announcement.
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Sel'm 17/04

Tokyo - Japan
Shibuya O-WEST
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