Dream5 Mini-Album

news - 20.03.2011 15:39
Popular music unit Dream5 will release their second mini-album DAYS on May 4th.

The group was formed by the NHK education program "Tensai Tenrebi-kun MAX" in 2009. Dream5, which consists of members Shigemoto Kotori, Hibi Makoto, Ohara Yuuno, Takano Akira and Tamakawa Momona, released their debut single in November 2009.

The mini-album DAYS will be released in both CD and CD+DVD formats and will feature six tracks. The CD will include the tracks Koi no Dial 6700 and Gakuen tengoku, which were originally released in the 1970s by pop group Finger5. The DVD will feature three PVs including off-shot material.
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