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In October 1998, Shogo, Wacchan and new co-workers Kazuya and Isakick decided to start the band 175R, which is pronounced "inago raida." The name originates from Shogo's time in elementary school, where he got this nickname from a fellow pupil.

By starting their live activities in the following spring near Kitakyuushuu as support acts of numerous well-known bands, they soon gained a certain name recognition within the Japanese music scene. In May the same year, 175R took part in the Kurozaki Marcus contest and won the first place, receiving 100,000 yen in prize money.

Shortly after their newfound success however, problems began for 175R. In July of 1999, Wacchan left the band. Since a new contest was about to begin, a replacement had to be found quickly. Choosing Kazuya's younger brother, Yoshiaki, the band found their way to the top again; this time the Grooveroad Band Battle Contest was won, earning another 50,000 yen. With the earnings in hand, the band soon hit the recording studio, releasing their first demo, 1769~Inrarock~. The 4-track demo was released in October 1999. To commemorate, their activities expanded, moving into Fukuoka.

Mid-2000, they settled for their first big tour throughout Kyuushuu, and only half a year later they came back as opening act of JITTERIN'JINN in the familiar Kurozaki Marcus. In December they were guests of "B-Dash," followed by an engagement as opening act of Kemuri

In March, their first national tour started in Shinjuku Wall. In June, the first maxi single From North Nine States was released under the indie label ihaterecords, which would to climb the Oricon charts up to place #1 of the indie charts for three weeks in a row. They were offered more gigs and parts in omnibus records along with bands like The High-Lows, JITTERIN'JINN, Sherbets, Kemuri and Potshot. At the end of the year the recording of the long awaited first album Go! Upstart was about to begin. Three months later, the record hit #6 on the music charts.

July 2002 brought more lives with bands like RIZE and TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA. Around this time the single collaboration with Shaka Labbits, Stand By You, was released, reaching #5 on the charts. That summer they took part in various festivals such as Summer Sonic and gained a steadily growing fan community.

By fall they embarked on the Stand By You Tour 2002 together with Shaka Labbits, visiting 11 cities. In October they moved to Tokyo and Shogo landed a radio show on All Night Nippon which aired on Tuesdays. In 2003, 175R celebrated their major debut with the song Happy Life and in April the same year, their new single Sora ni utaeba reached #1 on the Oricon. It was around this time that Kazuya changed his name to Kazya. One month later the band held a free live in Yoyogi Kouen which gathered 25,000 visitors. In the summer they went on tour again, taking part in various festivals, and by New Year's they participated in NHK's countdown show.

Over the next few years, 175R was constantly in the recording studio, putting out a series of singles and albums. Their live schedule was just as hectic, and by the end of 2006, the band had released twelve singles and two albums.

2007 was another exceptionally good year for the band as they released three singles in the early months which was followed up by the album Thank You For The Music in October. While 2008 was a much quieter year for the band than fans were used to, the group did not disappoint, still making time to release the album Omae wa sugee! as well as a concert DVD in July.

In 2009, 175R took a short hiatus through the beginning of the year. They picked up activities again in the fall with the single Refrain, followed by Tokyo in December. However, by 2010 the band was back in the thick of things, dropping the album JAPON in February and touring soon thereafter.

Towards the end of the year, 175R wrapped up 2010 with the Thank you! Hello! Tour 2010 . Their final performance was on New Year's at the Galaxy Stage event. While the band has not announced their activities for the new year yet, Isakick has started solo activities for 2011, playing at NOBUPALOOZA and Whip volume 2, both which occurred January 8th.
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