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JUN-JI was born on March 30, 1976 in Kanagawa. As a child he started to learn to play the piano and guitar, but later, when he was fifteen he decided to switch instruments and learn to play drums. The reason for this decision was because he saw another boy play the guitar, who was better then him so JUN-JI decided to become the best drummer instead.

In 1989, while he was working in a big music instrument store, he met Shinya, the famous drummer of LUNA SEA who taught him to play the drums. JUN-JI became a session drummer of LUNA SEA, as well as also playing with his own band HYSTERIA. After HYSTERIA separated in 1991, he formed another band: NERVE.

This band disbanded as well and the members of LUNA SEA introduced him to the new band Siam Shade, who were in need of a drummer. He managed to fit right in with the band due to his easy going personality.

As well as playing for Siam Shade, he often accompanied Shinya on his drum events where he also met other famous drummers including Shinya of Dir en grey and Levin of La'Cryma Christi.

After Siam Shade disbanded in 2002, JUN-JI decided to contact Yuki and Towa of Λucifer, to help him with his future solo career. They accepted his offer, and with Yuki on guitar and Towa they already had a good base to start a band.

On May 23rd, 2003 he released his first album: Do?. It was a surprise for a lot of people when they heard JUN-JI sing, his voice is just as nice and pleasant as his character. And most importantly: he does a very good job at it and it seems his talent was hidden for a long time previously. His slight accent adds some charm to his songs, which are mostly a wild mix of rock and pop. However, sometimes his compositions include melancholic ballads, like the song Fate –kono ai no shi. A tour to promote the album followed in July.

In the meantime, he also supported his former band member Kazuma, live, but also on his albums. Also the JPop singer T.M. Revolution asked him to accompany him on a few tours, and next to that JUN-JI gave several drum clinics across the whole country.

In April 2004 it was time for his second solo album: JUN-JI 2. He toured again in May, and his first PV was released. He continued to tour with several musicians, but he still managed to squeeze some time in his hectic schedule to record his next album: JUN-JI 3, which appeared in August 2005.

Since then, he has participated in various events and tours and maybe he'll give his solo career some attention again in the future!
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