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Metis started off as an R&B singer but later changed her style, turning to reggae instead. With catchy compositions, often mixed with other genres and her powerful voice, Metis has managed to attract listeners from all over the world.

In late 2003, Metis made her debut with a strong-voiced R&B single called You and me a one ~Seinaru Chikai~, which was produced by T2ya of Buzz Records. Eight months later, she released her first album Opus-I on the same label. Both the album and single showed Metis' strong and powerful voice in R&B and Soul.

At the age of 21, after switching styles, Metis released a reggae mini-album called ANSWER. She changed record labels to do an indies debut under JAMWAX Records. As the reggae genre was not very popular in Japan, sales of ANSWER were limited to Tower Records. She promoted her mini-album via word-of-mouth and the internet and, in doing this, began to build a fan base. Two months after ANSWER was released, circulation of the mini-album was extended from Tower Records to HMV.

When her second mini-album MUSIC was released, demand for her first mini-album grew ten times more. Upon the release of her second indies mini-album, Metis discovered new ways of promoting herself. She did a few campaigns, which promoted not only herself but also the reggae genre, as well as interviews and promotions on a few radio stations. Her works on JAMWAX were doing fairly well, so she finally decided to commit to a major record label.

In mid-2006, she signed on to the CROWN GOLD Record label to release her first major mini-album entitled WOMAN. The mini-album was based on the daily conflicts, emotions and struggles of a woman and was heavily promoted over radio stations in Japan. In late 2006, Metis went to Jamaica to record a new tune for a tribute album for Bob Marley. There she worked alongside Dean Fraiser, a professional sax player. Metis was amazed at his skill and asked him to help produce a track for her first major single, Ume wa Saitaka Sakura wa Madakaina , which was released in January 2007. The single reached number 28 on the Oricon Charts and is her highest ranking single to date.

Shortly afterward she released two more singles, the title tracks of which were both used as theme songs for popular television programs. Her first full album ONE LOVE came out in August, compiling her best work. This CD also managed to reach the Oricon charts, on which it ranked 20th. The release was followed by a nation-wide tour which started in October.

The year 2008 brought various new releases for Metis: two mini-albums and a single. One of them was the single Hahasanka, a song dedicated to her mother. Unfortunately, in December, Metis' mother passed away.

Metis continued to release a sleeve of new releases in the following two years, amongst them her second album ONE HEART in August 2009. With these releases, it appears that she is slowly moving away from reggae, soca and dance hall styles. Instead, a distinct R&B sound has returned, which seems to indicate she is moving back to her original sound.

Regardless of the musical direction Metis will be taking in the upcoming years, she has definitely proven herself to be a strong-voiced, independent artist that continues to discover new paths.
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