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Founded in 1999 by Deathbed (vo, gu), Takeda Masayuki (gu), Nishii Keita (ba) and Miyano Daisuke (dr), INVISIBLEMAN'S DEATHBED started activities in spring 2000 with their very first lives being held at clubs in Shibuya and Shimokitazawa. In their first active half year they played only seven concerts, but this count increased to thirteen in the second half of the year and to over forty throughout 2001. It was then that the band released their first demo-tape, which quickly sold out. They also made an independent movie called shinya, chika 360 meter ni te, which they first showed in August of that year.

Around that time they signed to BLITZ PIA RECORDS, which also helped Base Ball Bear in their beginnings. In November 2001 the band released their single, Delly. The single only cost 300 Yen and was limited to 1200 copies. The number of concerts per month rose steadily, reaching six concerts in December of that year.

They debuted with a maxi-single titled sesshoku, which contained six songs. In May they released a 7" single and were featured as guests on the TV show "FACTORY", which was broadcast by Fuji TV. In July a one track single, 16 byoukan, which had a duration of forty-three minutes, was released. Ironically, 16 byoukan translates to "16 seconds". Their next peak was a performance at the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL in summer 2002. To promote their first album, seishun no satetsu, released in September, the band started their first nationwide tour, which included twenty-two dates and ended with a concert at Shimokitazawa SHELTER.

In March 2003 INVISIBLEMAN'S DEATHBED went abroad for the first time. Their first five concerts in the USA were held at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, USA and four clubs in New York. Later that year, in June, they came back for an additional six concerts in New York. After that they returned to Japan to play more lives in their homeland. As a special for the release of their second album, tsuioku no jouyokutachi e, they held three "acts" at the famous Shinjuku LOFT. For each of the acts, which were held within weeks of each other, the band invited different famous indie bands like WRENCH and Boris. The band was again invited to play on the show "FACTORY" on Fuji TV. Starting with their single, masatsu, they signed with WOULD GO RECORDS as their new label.

In 2004 their stars seemed to have dimmed a bit, at least when comparing their TV appearances from the previous years. On the other hand, the band performed many concerts and released more CDs than in their most successful year, 2003. In August they were invited to participate at the Rock'n'Roll Summit where they played alongside Guitar Wolf. In November they had another big moment when they were invited to play as guests on BRAHMAN's tour.

In 2005 they released one single under the label ENGAWA RECORDS before returning to WOULD GO RECORDS, from which they released their third album. For their first and only live album, released at the end of the year, the band seemed to have started their own label. The next year started as usual, with many concerts in January and February before, out of the blue, the band went on a break following a concert on March 12th. Officially, this break was meant to help the band regain power so that they could return with new music. However, the band was unable to get back together and they disbanded on July 1st of 2006.

Since then vocalist, Deathbed, hasn't been active in the music scene.
His former colleagues joined together in 2007 and started the band HERE in beginning of 2008. This band is most probably INVISIBLEMAN'S DEATHBED with a new vocalist. They have been quite active in their few months of activity, having already released two demo singles within only three months.
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