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lecca is a female urban artist with her own characteristic style. Read more about her career.

lecca started her music career in 1999, as she enrolled in the Plastudy Music School. During her years at this college, she didn't only attend the classes, but also took part in the school's showcases, gaining experience as a singer in this way. Next to the school's events, she also performed in well-known clubs in Tokyo.

After her graduation in 2002, she went to New York and Toronto for half a year. In order to gain more experience, she collaborated with various local artists, and joined open-mic shows at bars and clubs. For lecca, this was a very important experience, not only because of all the performances she did, but also because of all the people she met. It was also during this trip that she discovered the open-mindedness that reggae music offers, and decided to create music in this style.

Back in Japan, she became a part of the hip-hop unit LEGNIS in 2003. She was the vocalist and created the songs for the group. A year later, she started to work as a solo artist, which began in collaboration with reggae singer PANG. She was featured on two of PANG’s songs, and was invited to perform with her on the famous reggae event JAPAN REGGAE FESTA in OKINAWA.

In February 2005, she released her first indie album Rekka (pronounced as 'lecca' but with different kanji). The album was received well and was picked by HMV as one of the top 10 best indies reggae and ska releases of the year. This time, PANG was featured on lecca's album.

In 2006, she made her major debut on Avex with the mini-album Dreamer, which was soon followed by her second full album. More releases followed in the next few years and it seemed to become a custom for lecca to release a full album each year.

For her second mini-album, Mado no mukou, which was released in 2008, lecca collaborated with the well-known Jamaican producer Christopher Birch, who is know for his work with artists such as SHAGGY as well as many others. She also collaborated with Christopher Birch on her third album, City Caravan. This concept album was released in summer 2008, and next to a track produced by Birch, it also featured collaborations with the Jamaican group Voicemail and rapper Diggy-MO of SOUL’d OUT. City Caravan became quite a success and ranked in the top 20 of the Oricon charts, which made it her most popular album up until then.

The year 2009 brought many releases for lecca. She released two singles and an album, BIG POPPER, exactly one year after City Caravan came out. All of them fared very well on the charts and BIG BOPPER even ranked seventh. To continue with the tradition of one album a year, Power Butterfly came out in July 2010. The album surpassed the sales of the previous ones, this time ranking fourth on the Oricon chart. With this success, lecca proves that she has established herself in the Japanese music scene, making her way into the mainstream.

In the near future, lecca has various performances scheduled and there are plans to release her first live DVD. It seems that the skills but also the popularity of this talented young artist are steadily growing with every new release and if she keeps on going with this rate, she will surely become one of the most prominent figures in the music scene.
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