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sleepy.ab was formed as a band in 1998, after Tsuyoshi, Kensuke and Hideyuki graduated from Sapporo’s conservatory. After two years of writing their first songs and practicing together as a band, they performed at the MX200 and HOT LINE2000 competitions. In the latter competition, they made it into the final round and received the award of excellence.

They performed in 2000 and 2001 alongside multiple other bands, finally being signed by the label Chameleon in March 2002. In July the group recorded their first song with them. Two months later, they record their first album, face the music. In total they recorded five albums (not including singles/live albums) with Chameleon. After their fifth album, archive, they were signed by the label PONY CANYON, and released their sixth album a little over a year later.

They continued performing and slowly but gradually, their fame expanded. They have performed several times in Europe and America, and are currently planning a tour in Japan. The latest single they released was andromeda/Lost, which came out on February 29th, and currently they are working on their 11th album.
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