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interview - 02.24.2014 19:01

Jupiter shares about their latest album, European tour and more.

Formed in April last year when ex-Versailles members HIZAKI, TERU, MASASHI and YUKI discovered vocalist ZIN, Jupiter kicked off their activities immediately and already have three releases under their belt. In this interview, the young band shares about their latest album, European tour and more.

Why did you choose “Jupiter” as your band name?

HIZAKI: It's based on astrology and means protection or good luck. It can also mean beautiful spirit.

We are familiar with HIZAKI, TERU, MASASHI and YUKI from your Versailles days. However, ZIN is new. Please tell us some interesting facts about ZIN that we don't know yet.

HIZAKI: He has a pure heart.
TERU: ZIN really loves movies and anime.
Masashi: Pure heart. (in English)
YUKI: He’s innately goofy. (in English)

What is the greatest difference you want fans to notice when listening to Jupiter and Versailles?

HIZAKI: The vocalist is different…so I think the music has more of a rock vibe to it.

In August, just a few months after Jupiter was formed, you released your first album CLASSICAL ELEMENT. Please tell us about its recording process.

HIZAKI: Classical Element was completed in our first stage, so we thought we should round off with it.
TERU: While making the album we were able to solidify the concept of Jupiter as a band. The bond between the members also deepened.

What is the concept or story behind this album and how is it expressed through the music?

HIZAKI: The fact that although we can't see the soul or see love, we can lead a beautiful life by treasuring them.

HIZAKI and ZIN, you said in an interview that you like attending metal concerts and sometimes attend them together. Have you attended any concerts recently and, if yes, how were they?

HIZAKI: I don’t go to metal concerts that often, but last year I saw METALLICA during one of Japan’s biggest festivals.

What can fans expect from your upcoming European tour?

HIZAKI: Our next huge Europe tour!
TERU: We’ll present fans with even better music than before.

Your upcoming European tour is titled Jupiter TOUR 2014「CLASSICAL ELEMENT」-EUROPE-. Can you tell us what "CLASSICAL ELEMENT" means and the message you wish to portray to fans who attend your shows.

ZIN: We are a band that treasures “bonds”. We hope to share the emotion and power created by these “bonds”.
HIZAKI: First of all I would like to share wonderful feelings with our fans, and I hope we can become a precious family.
TERU: I want to share my excitement with the fans!

What is one special item you absolutely have to pack in your luggage when you go on tours? (Aside from your passport, money and clothes).

ZIN: Inhaler, humidifier and mask.
HIZAKI: I bring a lot of underwear.
TERU: Macintosh.
MASASHI: Wine opener, transformer and miso soup.
YUKI: Game apps.

Tell us about an interesting encounter you've had so far with your fans, or about a fan that stood out the most to you.

ZIN: I once found one of my friends from my school days in the audience.
HIZAKI: A lot of skinheads.
TERU: I’m really happy when I see fans wearing the same costume as me!
MASASHI: Cool cosplayers.
YUKI: Our overseas fans always get excited and give us awesome vibes. So every single one there stands out! (in English)

Please leave your fans a message.

ZIN: Thank you so much for always supporting us. Your feelings are deeply appreciated. Let’s continue to love each other and I wish you all happiness.
HIZAKI: Thank you everyone for your support. I hope you all help spread Jupiter’s popularity. We'll give you our love when we meet you so please look forward to it.
TERU: Jupiter is the ultimate visual kei band. We give you our love so please give us love too.
MASASHI: Thank you for supporting us. We are always encouraged by your messages and will continue to work hard. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!
YUKI: Thank you for your support all the time. Our European fans are always energetic. I love European cultures and people. It's going to be our first tour in Europe and for me, the first visit in a few years, so let's enjoy every moment we spend together there! (in English).

JaME would like to thank Jupiter for taking the time to answer our questions.
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