Yasuda Rei

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Yasuda Rei is a solo singer and former vocalist of Genki Rockets.

Yasuda Rei is a solo singer and former vocalist of Genki Rockets. She was born in North Carolina, USA on April 15th, 1993. She moved to Japan at the age of three. When Yasuda was ten, she listened to Utada Hikaru with her mother. Utada's music had such an impact on her that the little girl swore there and then that she wanted to be a recording artist.

She was selected as a vocalist and model of Lumi (a fictional female vocalist of Genki Rockets) when she was 13 years old. Genki Rockets specialized in house music and aimed to mix the audible and visual using 3D graphics and holograms. The project’s lyrics were mostly in English, and music videos were futuristic.

Because of the band's concept, Yasuda gained no stage experience whilst in Genki Rockets, as they only used recorded voices and filmed videos in advance. Throughout her career with the band, she wished more and more to send out her voice to lots of people more directly. In 2013, when there was a break in the band’s activities, the 20 year-old Yasuda Rei finally made her solo debut with Best of my Love, which featured as an ending theme in the anime "Space Battleship Yamato 2199". She also had first live concert a few months later.

In October of the following year, Yasuda released her first album titled Will. Since then she released many theme songs for dramas and commercials, and embarked on her first one-man tour, which fulfilled her wish to have a closer contact with her fans. In 2015 she released the single Koi Uta, a cover from Ikimono Gakari and a tie-in with a TBS drama.
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