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Meet Cyntia, the first "girls' metal" band to go major.

Cyntia was founded in Tokyo in 2011 by guitarist YUI and drummer KANOKO, when they met on the set of a LIV MOON video. Keyboardist AYANO and bassist AIRI joined in the summer, and after the band held auditions, SAKI was chosen as the vocalist in November.

Cyntia released their debut single Run to the Future in April 2012 on indie label SPINNING’s sub-label Bright Star Records. It reached #28 on the Oricon Daily chart. Shortly after, health issues forced bassist AIRI to stop touring, and AZU, ex-bassist of LAZYgunsBRISKY, was hired as a support member. AIRI officially left in June, but Cyntia soldiered on, releasing their first full-length album Endless World in September. In November, AZU became an official member.

In January 2013, YUI, KANOKO, AYANO and AZU served as the backing band for South Korean girl group KARA‘s landmark concert at the Tokyo Dome. Then, on March 20th, Cyntia became the first “girls’ metal” band to make their major debut, releasing second album Lady Made via Victor Entertainment. Their second single Return to Myself~Shinai, shinai, natsu followed in July.

Their third single Senko Strings went on sale January 8, 2014, and also served as the fourth opening theme of TV Asahi’s anime series “Saint Seiya Omega”. Third album Limit Break came out in February, and that same month, Cyntia appeared at female-only festival NAONnoYAON2014 organized by SHOW-YA!!. In September, their fourth single Shouri no hanataba o-gonna gonna be hot !- was released, and the girls embarked on the one-man tour Rock’n☆GIRL, playing three dates in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

Cyntia’s fifth single KISS KISS KISS is due out on January 7, 2015.
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