SAVAGE vs. SCAPEGOAT - Seisatsuyodatsu Vol. 3

live report - 12.26.2016 19:01

JaME reports direct from Osaka on Volume 3 of the twin headliner SAVAGE and SCAPEGOAT tour, along with support acts Shellmy and DIEALO.

It was a rainy autumn night that found two famous names, SAVAGE and SCAPEGOAT at the small, quiet venue Ruido, located in the middle of Shinsaibashi. This was a splendid billing which just couldn't be ignored. DIEALO and reformed Shellmy were also there to warm up the crowd. The only downside was, as always, the temperature. You can rely on the air conditioning in Osaka Ruido - you'll freeze whatever the season! You can never complain about the sound in this small venue though.


After a considerable time waiting Shellmy entered the stage to see the jam-packed hall. Despite the early entrance time, around 200 people gathered in front of the stage, which was perhaps surprising but gratifying for the band. The bandmen rocked like crazy but the atmosphere never caught fire, due to the supporting status of the band and doubtless because of the incompatibility of their sweet schoolkid appearance with the headline acts. From opener Kimi no Kubi o shimeru uta on, singer Hyo, schoolbag on his back, scampered from one edge of the stage to another and guitarist Kaoru started tossing bonbons into the crowd. A nice sweetener but Shellmy’s music was nothing to write home about. Their second song, Flashback Lollypop, was enjoyable but Hyo could hardly push his voice through the humming bass. A bit cooled down, the audience responded to the performance indifferently and only the occasional fist punching the air could be seen. Maybe the air conditioning was guilty too.

Set list

01. Kimi no kubi o shimeru uta
02. Flashback Lollypop
03. Zekko
04. Soshaku
05. Hokage no kyoshitsu


DIEALO were the second support band. These boys had played a sold-out gig just a week before at the same venue. The quintet, contracted to Crow Music, started their set with the appearance of BIOSPHIA's ex-leader, NARU. The reason for their success was obvious with the opener Kokuin. DIEALO presented their exclusively hard set professionally and lively guitarist AKI ruthlessly stroked his guitar, which seemed to sweep some of the female attendees away. Fortunately, compared to Shellmy's performance, the sound improved significantly and the audience could finally enjoy the guitars fully and get moving to the music. Then came Strawberry Fuzz, which is really unlike DIEALO due to its explicit electro sound, and the mandatory BEGONIA. The boys managed to fire up the fans and justified their warm-up band status. If you have a soft spot for heavy notes, you should definitely check out DIEALO!

Set list

01. Kokuin
02. Distrust
03. Kawaki
04. Strawberry Fuzz


The crowd was pouring into the venue as the arrival of both headliners finally approached. Their outfits made it clear right away that SCAPEGOAT would steal the show. As the eerie SCREEN began to play, drummer Tatsuki stepped on to the stage dressed as the Grim Reaper and it matched the atmosphere perfectly. Then the other members of SCAPEGOAT joined Tatsuki and set off with the peculiar Kokumajutsu gokko. The fans gave the visual kei artists a fantastic welcome and from the very first minute they turned Ruido into a tornado of flailing hair and waving fists. The opener was followed by missing and the small live house was completely wielded by SCAPEGOAT for the rest of their set.

Shishunki to densenbyou amplified the set with a ballad. Singer Haru knew how to present on stage the complicated, moody melodies and technique changes of the SCAPEGOAT discography without hesitation. Haru and his fellow band members created a dark atmosphere marked off by the abysses of a human soul. The traditional SCAPEGOAT title Akai Bathroom was like a catalyst in that rough sea of desperation and melancholy, inspiring the fans in their ceaseless headbanging. For Samishigariya no binzume shojo SAVAGE bassist JUN substituted SCAPEGOAT bassist LAYHA. JUN was cordially welcomed as well as the final song, Kyozetsu. Before the curtain dropped, the A-side of the new single Hedoro carried the crowd away once again in the now sweltering hall.

Set list

02. Kokumajutsu gokko
03. Dramatic Effect
04. missing
05. Shishunki to densenbyou
06. invidia
07. Saikona bansan
08. Samishigariya no binzume shojo (featuring SAVAGE bassist JUN)
09. Akai Bathroom
10. Kyozetsu


The night wasn’t over yet as SAVAGE were ready to perform as the second headliner. The crowd had thinned a little but that fact wasn't too disturbing. The fans were in raptures and the performance of SAVAGE was sparkling with energy. No matter how often you’ve seen them live it never lessens the power of the opener, GAME. The sinister Migite no Knife hidarite no Hiss started with a brutal break down and the following Akai tsume sent the mood-barometer rising to the same heights as those of SCAPEGOAT. Singer Ryuka mastered the difficult switching between growls and clean vocals perfectly and incited the audience, already going mad, to have even more fun.

The fans could now enjoy the insane Kyogenheki B no shiko kairo and its impressive live experience during which the madness literally creeps under your skin. Afterwards, SCAPEGOAT pulled off another musician swap as string-stroker LAYHA decorated the wild Waisetsunanba with his fair share of bass. Ryuka took the chance to crowd surf and guitarist Takeru practiced his conducting skills with the audience. After eight songs SAVAGE played the final number of the night, Password, which came too soon but was greeted with some proper moshing.

Set list

02. GAME
03. Migite no Knife hidarite no Hiss
04. Akai tsume
05. Kyogenheki B no shiko kairo
06. Bogus Duty
07. Psychopath
08. Waisetsunanba (featuring SCAPEGOAT bassist LAYHA)
09. Password

It was a great night of music, especially from both headliners — SCAPEGOAT and SAVAGE impressed with their unbelievable live quality. The visual performance as well as the music of both bands left an enormous impression and would convince anyone of their talent. Shellmy were slightly disappointing; you would expect more from a warm up act, but DIEALO made up for it.
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