Yousei Teikoku 9th Formal Ceremony Tour “flamma idola” Final at Akasaka BLITZ

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Yousei Teikoku will land in Washington, DC for the live show at Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon® 2017 on August 12th.

Yousei Teikoku, known familiarly as Das Feenreich by its fans, commemorated its 20th anniversary year with the release of a new single flamma idola on May 31st. It was also announced that Yousei Teikoku would perform at Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon® 2017. Details can be found on the event’s official site Prior to its much anticipated show in the US capital, Yousei Teikoku embarked on its ninth formal ceremony tour in Japan and had the tour finale at Tokyo’s Akasaka BLITZ on June 17th.

The stage set was designed in a solemn manner to suit the band’s concept of “formal ceremony”. Two national flags with the Fairy Empire’s emblem were hung on both sides of the stage, while the podium for its lifelong dictator Yui was placed at centre stage. Candle stands also enhanced the otherworldly atmosphere.

An ovation filled the venue as the entrance music Absolute Destiny Apocalypse – Adolescence of Utena began to play. First, guitarist Takaha, co-guitarist Shiren, bassist Nanami and drummer Gight took their respective positions. Finally, vocalist and sovereign governor Yui stood behind the podium.

“I hereby declare the start of the ninth formal ceremony in Tokyo!” she announced, stirring up the fans, whom she called “loyal subjects”.

The band’s current style of heavy metal music was at its best from the opening song Alte Burg. Yui sang sweetly in the midst of blasting guitars and high speed drum beats. Her soft, alluring voice had more than enough strength to show its distinct presence in this power metal song. Yui, wearing a backless dress, also charmed fans by turning her back on them. Frenzied fans fist pumped to their Empress, while some of them even created a mosh pit. Later, the four instrumentalists amazed the crowd with their precision playing at enormous velocity during the third song, Naikan uchu shisha no yurikago. Shiren wowed fans with his shredding guitar solo as his hands moved at lightning speed, showing off tapping and whammy bar tricks in rapid succession.

“Since this is not an album release tour, we have much freedom in selecting songs. I know some of you would like us to play a song from stigma. Back in the day, there were only Takaha and myself. It was the band of one human and one fairy. The next song is a band version of Pray In The Darkness,” Yui said.

The band played its classic in a melodious gothic rock style. Yui’s voice conveyed intoxicating melancholy while the instrumentalists played haunting rhythms. Later, the live had Yui’s solo performance of Simulacra. Tightly holding the microphone in both hands, Yui delivered her passionate vocals as her long hair gracefully fluttered in wind and red beam stage lights occasionally lit the imperial emblem tattoo on her left arm. Yui left the stage after the song. Later, the special session of four instrumentalists followed. Gight, Shiren, Nanami, and Takaha rocked fans with their superb techniques.

An ovation rose as Yui stood behind the podium again and put her hat on. “Let us sing the anthem of my Empire, Patriot Anthem!” the vocalist cried, rousing the fans.

Her vocals had more than enough strength and intensity to lead the raging metal song. Yui frenziedly sang out in her beautiful voice in the midst or roaring guitars and thunderous drum beats, while sometimes pounding the podium with her fist.

“Stop smiling! Let out your anger and anguish!” Yui shouted from the podium.

At her command the fans responded, enthusiastically singing along. Yui left the stage after the song and delighted fans by returning in the new costume featured in the band’s latest single, flamma idola, an exotic symphonic metal number featuring playback of choir and string accompaniments, which closed the show. Yui’s voice flew freely and her vocal projection was a perfect manifestation of Gothic Lolita. Nanami and Shiren amazed fans with their display of double handed tapping guitar playing.

The crowd’s shouts of “Das Feenreich!” filled the venue and the band came back for an encore. Yui took time to speak to fans after the band’s dramatic performance of Veludo Papilio.

“I am impressed with your Sprechchor. Are you tired? Did Patriot Anthem take the best out of you? It is not over yet,” she said to her loyal subjects.

Yui stirred up the fans for the final song, Geki, and the band gave the final burst of the show. Yui had the crowd and each band member shout out “Das Feenreich!” during the song. Finally, she herself joined in the shouting.

“Very well! May all of you be with my Empire!” Yui said to her fans at the end. The band members bade farewell. “This is the end of formal ceremony. See you again!” Yui declared without using a microphone. Endless chants of “Das Feenreich!” resonated around the venue as she left the stage.

Set list

01. Alte Burg(Anime “Kurokami: The Animation” Image Song)
02. Kikai shoujo gensou
03. Naikan uchu shisha no yurikago
04. Akaki koutei, shiroki sekai
05. Sacrifice
06. Kyusei Άργυρóϛ(Anime “Tokyo ESP” Ending)
07. Pray In The Darkness
08. Kami no souzou
09. Elusion
10. filament(Anime "Mirai Nikki" Ending)
11. Simulacra
12. D chronicle
13. Shadow Corps
14. DISORDER(Anime “Big Order” Opening)
15. Patriot Anthem
16. flamma idola
17. Veludo Papilio
18. Kuusou mesorogiwi(Anime “Mirai Nikki” Opening)
19. Geki(Anime “Big Order (OVA)” Theme)

Advertisement video of flamma idola

Yousei Teikoku’s releases including their new single flamma idola are available on iTunes USA.


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