G.L.A.M.S Europe Tour 2017 “A QUEEN OF THE NIGHT” Final at Shinjuku Ruido K4

live report - 07.31.2017 04:13

G.L.A.M.S concluded its European tour with the first live show in their home country.

Mikaru’s solo project G.L.A.M.S had its first ever live show in Japan on July 8th at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ruido K4. The band’s European tour, which started in May, bore the title of their second album A QUEEN OF THE NIGHT. For the tour final in Tokyo, Mikaru was accompanied by musicians who he had worked with in his previous bands Dio - distraught overlord and BLACK LINE.

Guitarists Erina and Kei, bassist Tetsuto, and drummer Syu appeared on the stage as red lights shone on them. Finally, Mikaru himself joined them onstage. “Are you ready!?” Mikaru stirred up the crowd, which consisted of fans from a diverse range of nationalities. However, unexpectedly, the band played a ballad, The Other Side of the Moon, as their opening song. Mikaru sang passionately of a broken romance in his mellow voice. His falsetto and the heavy guitar riffs created a beautiful musical chemistry. The band also showed off their dark and glamorous musical style in the next song, Call My Name.

“We released three music videos prior to this tour. Did you watch them? Tell me which one you liked the most. I always asked this question during our shows in Europe,” Mikaru said to the fans. It turned out that Let's Fly Away to the Stars was their choice. “As you wish,” Mikaru answered their request by actually playing a jazz standard-like song. Mikaru used scat singing naturally during the performance as if he was a jazz singer. As the lights reflecting off the mirror ball enhanced the romantic atmosphere, Mikaru’s hypnotizing voice held the audience spellbound. “I always wanted to make a song like that,” he said after the number was finished. Later, he took the time to introduce the band members to the fans, which he would normally not do.

“We made the next song for a live show. I kind of wondered if it would work with Japanese fans because of the cultural differences with Europe, but I believe you guys can do it. Please mosh to the left and right during the chorus part of ‘Hey Everybody Oh Come Together’. I will show you when to mosh and when to stop for a while, but let’s practice before we actually do it.” The band played the chorus part as Mikaru instructed the crowd on how to move.

After that short rehearsal, the band started to play the rock ’n' roll number Our Freak Show from the new album. The band and fans enjoyed jumping from left to right as they practiced. Another new song, Forgive Me, enhanced the excitement even further. Glamorous visual rock with a danceable drum beat and bass line had the fans jumping around. Led by Mikaru’s powerful vocals, the band members and fans shouted together during the song’s chorus. The fans had studied the music videos well. Finally, G.L.A.M.S played yet another new song, Be Alone, which was arranged in a more frenzied style for the show. The audience joined Mikaru in a singalong towards the end of the song. “Thank you!!” Mikaru gave a shout to the fans, and he left the stage.

After Syu entertained the audience with his dynamic drum solo, the other three instrumentalists came back for a special session. Once the session was over, suddenly, a birthday song started to play, and Mikaru returned to the stage with a cake for Syu. Mikaru handed a microphone to Syu, whose birthday is actually on August 5th, and asked him to speak to the fans. “It’s one month early, but I am so grateful. I am enjoying our first live in Japan, but this gives me even more joy. Thank you!” Syu said. Mikaru also took some time to speak. “We are creating new songs, but right now we do not know when our next show will be. Please continue to support us. We only have two songs left for this show, but let us play a nostalgic song,” he said. This time, Mikaru gave the fans a happy surprise by playing Dio’s GOD forsaken.

“Do you have the penlights our staff gave you? Please use them for the next song. I guarantee that our next songs will be great, so don’t miss them. Please stay healthy and live uprightly until we meet each other again,” Mikaru spoke to the crowd before the last song. He sang his heart out during The Light of My Life as fans waved their penlights. “I look forward to seeing you guys again!” Mikaru bade the audience farewell.

Set List

01. The Other Side of the Moon
02. Call My Name
03. 12:00 A.M.
04. Let's Fly Away to the Stars
05. Wanderer
06. Rainy Highway
07. Our Freak Show
08. Forgive Me
09. Carry Dawn
10. Be Alone
11. Drum solo
12. Guitar solo
13. GOD forsaken
14. The Light of My Life

You can watch G.L.A.M.S’s latest music videos below:

Let's Fly Away to the Stars

Be Alone

Forgive Me

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