Interview with End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI)

interview - 10.04.2017 20:01

End of the World discuss advancing into the US market, their goals, inspiration and more.

End of the World (known in Japan as SEKAI NO OWARI) are a group full of unique ideas and songs that make you dance. Lately they've also been advancing their career in the United States. The band’s members answered our questions about their new releases and goals, where they find the inspiration for their music videos and how the band got its name.

How did you choose the name for the band?

Fukase: When I was 17, I was going through a rough time and I really felt I was at the end of the world… and that was when I found music with my friends. So, our music began at the end of the world.

What is the goal of End of the World?

End of the World: For four of us to stay together as a band for life. We started creating music together because it was one thing that kept us together. So that will always be the goal for us.

Which songs would you recommend for those who are just getting to know your band?

End of the World: Each song means so much to us in different ways, so we can’t choose one. We recommend the whole catalogue.

You have been making music for over ten years now. What has been most unforgettable moment during this time?

End of the World: The past ten years has gone by so quick, full of the greatest memories. If we had to pick one it would have to be the Twilight City shows at Nissan Stadium, the biggest venue in Japan. It was a spectacular moment.

Your music videos are fantastic. Where do you get the inspiration for them?

End of the World: Sometimes the ideas get developed from dreams we see and things from our daily life.

The songs ANTI-HERO and SOS are the theme songs from the movie "Attack on Titan". Were the songs inspired by the "Attack on Titan" series? Have you read the manga or watched the anime of this series?

End of the World: We have all read the originals and we all love them, definitely inspired by it and we put all that into these songs.

Your new single RAIN is the opening song of the anime "Mary and the Witch’s Flower". What kind of thoughts did you want to express with this song?

End of the World: It applies to all of our music, but we never really try to enforce any messages through music, but we tried to express what was expected from the production side. They were looking for “a song that can give that encouragement to audiences” so we tried to achieve that with this song.

You have already succeeded in Asia and are aiming for the USA now. Do you have any plans for Europe or South America?

End of the World: We feel our music is getting out there gradually and we are very honoured. The world is so huge – we are taking it step by step, country by country. We would love to be able to look at Europe and South America!

Why did you choose the single One More Night to be the first single released in the USA? What do you take into consideration for the marketing in America?

End of the World: Lyrics are very important for us and we wanted our songs to make sense and be best expressed in that country or in that culture and One More Night was the first one to accomplish that.

Could you please tell about your plans for the end of the year 2017?

End of the World: Maybe you can expect some new music from us! Stay tuned!

JaME would like to thank End of the World for this interview.

One More Night and RAIN, the opening song for the anime Mary and the Witch's Flower, can be seen below:

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