SuG “HEAVY POSITIVE ROCK” at the Nippon Budokan

live report - 09.27.2017 08:59

SuG’s emotional last live before their indefinite hiatus.

SuG took on its biggest challenge on September 2nd: holding a one-man show at the Nippon Budokan. Unfortunately, a few months prior to the show, the band suddenly announced that it would be entering an indefinite hiatus.

As the concert began, vocalist Takeru, guitarists yuji and masato, bassist Chiyu, and drummer shinpei were met with an ovation from 7000 fans. The band started the show with AGAKU, and Takeru sang of his fear and determination for the fateful show. The stylish ensemble of the drum beat, chopper bass and twin cutting guitar riffs resonated together with Takeru’s powerful rapping and sweet vocals.

“Last May, we declared this reckless challenge. Ever since, we’ve been saying that we would make a miracle happen again. We only had 15 people in the audience when we started out, but it only took us half a year to sell out 300 tickets for our first one-man show in Meguro Rokumeikan. Tonight, 7000 people gathered here. Our 10-year history made a miracle happen! Thank you! What we have to do does not change, regardless of the size of the venue. Let’s play together Tokyo!” Takeru shouted out. At his call, a number of dancers appeared on the stage for the next song Toy Soldier. The glittering dance pop song turned the Nippon Budokan into the band’s playground. “Swing your towel! If you don’t have one, swing anything you’ve got!” Takeru shouted, stirring the fans up before Mugen Styles. Wind blew around the venue as fans swung their towels with Takeru and the team of 100 dancers.

Takeru spoke to the fans again before the next song, Sakura ame. “I am happy to be able to sing the song I put my whole heart into while seeing such a beautiful view.” Takeru sang under cherry blossom lights while the song’s music video was played on the screen.

During the middle of the show, the four instrumentalists entertained the fans by holding a session with the dancers. During the session, Chiyu wowed the audience by playing saxophone, and his sax licks added a funk flavor to the performance. “Let’s dance, Tokyo!” Takeru came back to the stage for sweeToxic. The funk rock song had fans swaying. Takeru himself showed off some sharp dance moves together with the backup dancers.

“We were told that 3000 attendants would be the best we could do — is this actually happening?” Takeru said. “Let this day be our best day ever!” Fireworks exploded out from the stage after Takeru shouted. Fans waved their hands from left to right along with gr8 story while absorbing colorful stage lights. Later on, the band treated the fans to a special 10th anniversary medley, which included songs from their indies era, such as Alterna and Oreshiki Continue. Takeru blew a whistle to make fans headbang during Oreshiki Continue. The show’s grand finale saw the band and fans sing along during the last song, 39GalaxyZ. The harmony of 7005 voices embraced the band and their fans.

During the encore, each member took the time to share some of the feelings in his heart with the fans.

“It’s hard to believe that today is the last day for the five of us. We were afraid of seeing empty seats in the Nippon Budokan, but so many people came to this show. We could not do this on our own. I thank our staff and fans for showing such strong support for us. My seniors, juniors, family and relatives came as well. I am full of gratitude. This is the happiest day of my life! I really want to thank everyone who gave me such happiness. Thank you!”

“Thank you. I don’t look it, but I am actually not good at talking. Thank you for your support for the last 10 years, and I am sorry about our indefinite hiatus. But, above all, more than an apology, I would like to say thank you. I actually thought about quitting music, but thankfully, I received so much encouragement that I decided to keep going. I will not stop here, and I will keep playing bass as SuG’s bassist from this day onward. I will continue to protect SuG’s name.”

“I have three things to say:
1: Thank you everybody! Thank you to my band members!
2: I am not as emotional this time as I was when we decided to take a hiatus. I gave everything I had, and I have no regrets.
3: Nothing in particular! (laughs)
What I felt today was that all of us made special bonds during the last 10 years. I think such bonds among people, more than the music we created, is the true meaning of our band’s career. Please continue to cherish the bonds with those you met through SuG.”

“I am frustrated because we were not able to go beyond the Nippon Budokan, despite receiving such support from so many people, including our staff and those who could not make it here. However, this is also the place where SuG could be at its best, and that is the reason we chose the Nippon Budokan for our last live. I will give everything I am and my 10 years of experience tonight, so that I can regret this end for the rest of my life.

There are still many things I wanted to experience with this band. I could never be thankful enough for the love and support we received from so many people, both in Japan and overseas. I am full of happiness. I love you all. More than anything, I would like to thank all of you.”

“I did everything I could, but I am sorry for not being able to protect SuG. We took such a big risk to hold this show at the Nippon Budokan, but we failed to the extent that we felt we could no longer continue as a band. Still, we tried our best to be strong in front of our fans. I am so proud of my band members who faced this reckless challenge.

13 years ago, I came to this venue for HYDE’s show. Back then, I did not have any dreams for my life. I was apathetic. On that day, I realized that I did not know the view I would be able to see from the stage. That was my first step. Through a journey, I found my dream, and I came across many people and fans. Here I am today. An apathetic boy who thought of giving up on his life could come this far, so, please believe that you can do it too.”

“I am happy to be able to sing this next song with all of you, and with myself from 13 years ago. Please sing teenAge dream together with me,” Takeru said to the fans. With tears in his eyes, Takeru sang his heart out. The song’s lyrics appeared on the screen towards the end. “Hello, can you hear me? It’s such a great view from here,” Takeru’s voice resonated on the stage he had dreamed of standing on. The band and fans sang Smells Like Virgin Spirits together at the end of encore.

The band came back once more for a double encore. “We don’t want to end our show in an emotional way. Let’s make it colorful until the end, in SuG’s style!” At Takeru’s call, the band played the sparkling dance rock song LOVE SCREAM PARTY. The band brought HEAVY POSITIVE ROCK to its grand finale with Tokidoki sutekina kono sekai. “Thank you for fighting together with a weak and unsophisticated band like us! Thank you to all of our staff and fans for your 10 years of support!” Takeru shouted at the end.

Each of the five members greeted the fans one last time before he left the stage.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dare I say, let’s keep in touch!”

“Have a good night!”

“Thank you!” (Without a microphone)

“This band gave me such overwhelming happiness. Thank you all for 10 years!”

“Thank you all for giving meaning to the life of a boy who had no dream for his future. The five of us were just boys, but we made it here. You guys can do it too. Please do not think that you are not good enough.

These days, people can enjoy music free of charge. You guys have the passion to actually come to the venue and communicate with your hearts. So, please believe in yourself, and take one step of faith. That is the last “recklessly positive” message from SuG and myself. Thank you all for 10 years!”

At the end, it was announced on the stage screen that recordings of the HEAVY POSITIVE ROCK concert will be available on both DVD and Blu-ray this winter.

Set List

03. Fukanzen Beautyfool Days
04. Toy Soldier
05. Koakuma Sparkling
06. B.A.B.Y.
07. Mugen Styles
08. Sakura ame
09. Mujoken koufukuron
10. Howling Magic
11. Session
12. sweeToxic
13. Keiyaku kanojo, ikenie kareshi
14. FRIDAY!!
15. gr8 story
16. ☆gimi gimi☆
17. SICK’ S
18. mad$hip
19. Medley
〜Oreshiki Continue
〜R.P.G. – Rockin’ Playing Game
〜-bushido- FREAKY
〜Fast Food Hunters
〜Crazy Bunny Coaster
20. 39GalaxyZ

21. dot.0
22. teenAge dream
24. Smells Like Virgin Spirits

Double Encore

26. Tokidoki sutekina kono sekai
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