LUNATIC FEST. 2018 at Makuhari Messe: Part #1

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LUNA SEA unites rock bands and music fans beyond the boundaries of genres and generations. LUNACY, coldrain, Ziyoou-vachi, The BONEZ, ACE OF SPADES, and back number take the stage in Part #1 of JaME’s live report on LUNATIC FEST. 2018.

LUNA SEA hosted LUNATIC FEST. again on June 23rd and 24th this year, following up on the last time they held the festival in 2015. This time, LUNA SEA invited artists that they respect from all different genres and generations. A total of 11 bands performed on two separate stages named “MOTHER” and “MOON” after popular songs by LUNA SEA. This report covers the show held on June 23rd.

The bands performed in this order: LUNACY, coldrain, Ziyoou-vachi, The BONEZ, ACE OF SPADES, back number, GLIM SPANKY, SID, DIR EN GREY, GLAY, and finally, LUNA SEA.


LUNACY was the band name LUNA SEA used during their indies period. The five members appeared on the stage in gothic outfits to serve as the opening act of the day. LUNACY started the festival off with the song SHADE, which was originally recorded on a demo cassette tape back in their indies days. Mature in technique but still fresh in spirit, RYUICHI’s voice projected strong rage during the song, and SUGIZO dazzled the fans with his deranged guitar sounds.

Next, the band played SYMPTOM. Fast-paced guitar riffs and RYUICHI’s intense voice expressed the beauty of lunatic aggression and despair. The vocalist shouted out in the middle of the song while stage lights lit everything in red. LUNACY closed the opening act with the bewitching NIGHTMARE. INORAN’s clear guitar sounds, SUGIZO’s haunting riffs, Shinya’s precise and transparent drum sounds, and J’s ominous bass line captivated fans during the performance of the gothic rock song. Each instrumentalist ceased to play one by one as the song approached its end. The stage blacked out when the sound of J’s bass ceased.

Set list


coldrain — MOON STAGE


Next, coldrain returned to LUNATIC FEST. after three years. “What’s up Makuhari!? Let’s go wild!" vocalist Masato declared at the beginning of the band’s set. The ruthless yet melodious song To Be Alive blasted out with heavy guitar riffs and hard-hitting drum beats. Masato flawlessly used both intense shouts and a catchy high tone voice. The band members energetically jumped around while drummer Katsuma smashed the drum set with all of his might.

“All you should do today is enjoy, considering the great line-up we have for today’s festival. We will enjoy ourselves too,” Masato spoke to the fans. Later, the band’s performance of the emotional loud rock song Gone had the fans standing still. coldrain unleashed their rage with brutal guitar strokes and Masato’s fierce shouts. The band members and fans headbanged in the midst of the raging rock number. Masato’s mellifluous voice also attracted fans during the chorus. “We are coldrain!” the vocalist left his mark by screaming his band’s name out loud at the end of the show.

Set list

02 .ENVY
03. 24-7
04. GONE

Ziyoou-vachi — MOTHER STAGE


Ziyoou-vachi astonished those who were watching them live for the first time with their musicianship. The band introduced fans to their glittering funk song Venus. Fans danced to the groove of the drums, the chopper bass, and the cutting guitar. Vocalist Avu-chan kept fans spellbound during Baishun by naturally switching between masculine and feminine voices. The song sounded like a duet, but it was just Avu-chan singing on the stage. “We have a special guest today, J-chan!” Avu-chan introduced J. An ovation rose when the audience saw J shake hands with each member of Ziyoou-vachi. “Can you give us a louder voice!?” J provoked the fans.

Avu-chan sensually danced around and strutted as if on a catwalk during the special session of Desco while J’s powerful bass sounds blasted out. The dirty funk song turned Makuhari Messe into an underground disco. Fans swayed to the song while they absorbed the rainbow-colored stage lights. “Ziyoou-vachi!” J shouted out his respect to the band before he left the stage. “Thank you very much. We hope to see you again,” Avu-chan greeted the fans. The band closed their set with Tsugeguchi. The grudge that they expressed during the performance was utterly lunatic.

Set list

01. Kinsei
02. Venus
03. Baishun
04. Desco
05. HALF
06. Tsugeguchi



The four members of The BONEZ stood in a circle near the drum set at the beginning of their show. They brightened up the fans’ mood by communicating their positivity through the first song. The band members lifted the fans’ spirits with their exhilarating guitar riffs, gut-shaking drum beats, and JESSE’s passionate vocals during Bird〜people with wings〜. Later, JESSE took the time to thank J for inviting the band to the festival, and called J out to the stage. J once again appeared as a special guest, hugging each member of the band.

“The time is now!” the vocalist stirred the fans up for the special session of Hey, You. J moved around the stage and played his bass guitar facing each member one after the other. The explosive hard rock song set fans on fire. “The BONEZ!” J shouted out before he left the stage. “We are thankful for being able to meet different kinds of music fans. We believe in miracles. Please bring back something special you could find only in this day,” the vocalist jumped off from the stage and stood on the fence in front of the fans. His voice united with the fans’ singalong during SUNTOWN.

Set list

01. Until you wake up
02. Bird〜people with wings〜
03. Rude Boy
04. Hey, You
06. Thread & Needle



The long-awaited return of ACE OF SPADES was another highlight of the first day of the festival. The special band project of EXILE vocalist TAKAHIRO, GLAY guitarist HISASHI, THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS drummer MOTOKATSU, and accomplished bassist TOKIE started the show with WILD TRIBE. TAKAHIRO showed a different side of himself as a rock singer during the heavy yet catchy rock song. Fans were amazed by the masterful fingerpicking bass techniques of TOKIE. White smoke shot out from the stage at the start of the second song TIME FILES. The song entertained fans with its catchy melody and the sure presence of each sound.

Later, TAKAHIRO thanked LUNA SEA, the event’s staff, and the fans. The vocalist delighted the fans by inviting INORAN onto the stage for a special session version of Louder. During the session, HISASHI and INORAN played their guitars while facing each other. Fans eagerly watched the thrilling guitar battle. After INORAN left the stage, the band closed the show with JUST LIKE HEAVEN. TAKAHIRO’s sweet voice had great chemistry with the pounding drum beat, relentless bass line and the sharp guitar riffs. The return of ACE OF SPADES was celebrated with a singalong from the fans.

Set list

03. Looking for
04. Louder
05. SIN

back number — MOON STAGE


back number’s mellow music added a different color to the festival. Shimizu Iyori sang the first song Aoi Haru in his soft voice. The band had rock fans swaying to its smooth melody. back number’s show continued with one of their hit numbers, Christmas Song. The vocalist’s fragile voice emotionally sang of unrequited love during the Christmas season. The trio expressed an honest mindscape with skill during the catchy Matataki. “We are honored to be able to play a festival like this. We will come back again better and stronger,” the vocalist declared. The band closed their set with another hit song, Takane no Hanako san.

Set list

01. Aoi Haru
03. Christmas Song
04. Matataki
06. Takane no Hanako san

LUNATIC FEST. 2018 at Makuhari Messe: Part #2 will be published soon. Look out for it!
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