Creature Creature “Beyond Light & Lust” at Shinjuku Reny

live report - 08.20.2018 20:01

Creature Creature’s last show before dormancy.

Creature Creature held the last show before their hiatus, which the band described as “dormancy”, on July 8th at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Reny. With this show, the band’s 12-year history finally came full circle.

Creature Creature started the show with Death Is A Flower. Clad in black, vocalist MORRIE pulled the fans’ attention towards him with his transcendent presence and glamorous vocals. Accompanied by the complex and captivating band ensemble, MORRIE sang of his philosophy of time, being, and death. Fans’ eyes followed the graceful movements of his arms during the performance. The stage lights dimmed towards the end of the song and fans saw a silhouette of MORRIE shouting out the song title in the midst of the deranged sounds of the instruments.

During the show, MORRIE spoke of his philosophy. “The beginning leads to the end, but there is actually neither a beginning nor an end,” he said. Death is A Flower, which symbolized the completion of the cycle, continued to the second song Dream Caller. The musicianship of bassist Hitoki, drummer Hiroshi Sasabuchi and guitarists Hiro and Shinobu delivered the beautiful melody with a sure presence, intoxicating fans along with MORRIE’s mellifluous voice.

The show contained songs spanning the band’s 12-year history. Creature Creature exhibited their ruthless side with Black Hole. Fans headbanged to the heavy music and MORRIE’s deep growling voice. The band also showed off their lyricism with a performance of Kurumeki. Later, the band played Andromeda. The four instrumentalists flawlessly played the dynamic and unpredictable modulations of the song while MORRIE sang of eternal migration through the universe. His voice resonated as if it was dissolving into a realm of infinity.

MORRIE took off his coat as the show intensified. Now in a sheer black shirt, MORRIE showed off his impressive kaleidoscope of voices in Ai to Shi no Yuugijou: whispers, deep singing, growls, vibrato and falsetto wowed the fans. Hard-hitting guitar sounds and drum beats continued to excite the audience in Sexus. “Come on!” MORRIE provoked the fans. The vocalist jumped and kicked up his leg to start Dead Rider. Fans shouted and fist pumped along to Sasabuchi’s drum beats. While sometimes headbanging to Hiro and Shinobu’s frenzying guitar riffs, MORRIE drove the fans wild with his powerful shouts. Finally, MORRIE and the guitarists moved to the front of the stage for the last song, Swan. Creature Creature thrilled the audience with the song’s dynamic modulations of heavy rock and melodious parts. MORRIE, with an intense look in his eyes, raised his fist to close the song.

During the first encore, the band entranced fans with the haunting melody of Maboroshi. Later, each member took the time to speak before the beginning of the second encore.

Hiroshi Sasabuchi
“I played drums for this band for about six years. It has always been technically challenging. All of the experiences I had in this band equipped me for my future career as a drummer.”

“I played guitar for this band for nine years, starting in 2009. I had the good fortune to be invited into this band when I did not belong to any other bands or management. It was as if I was lifted from hell to heaven. I am thankful to be able to play music with such wonderful members. I’m thankful for everything I would not have been able to encounter had I not become a guitarist of Creature Creature.”

“I remember the first rehearsal we had as if it was just yesterday. I remember how we sighed and wondered if we could possibly keep up with such technically demanding music. We worked very hard, and we finally obtained a deep understanding of MORRIE’s music. Every show was like an exam. I am glad that we made it.”

“I’ve been a fan of DEAD END since my high school days. I never imagined myself playing guitar alongside MORRIE. I am happy to be able to play Creature Creature’s one and only music. When I had a hard time, I gained strength from the memory of my first encounter with MORRIE. To be honest, I still cannot perfectly play his music. However, I was able to enjoy playing guitar in this band thanks to great musicians like Sasabuchi, Shinobu and Hitoki. The band will be entering a state of dormancy, but I would like Creature Creature to wake up again. I will continue to support MORRIE as a fan. You will not be able to see me playing this seven-string white guitar in the future, so please have a good look.”

“I only meet with my band members during rehearsal and shows because my basis of trust to musicians is music itself rather than personality. I am proud of my band members for playing music with me for such a long time. The memory of this day will continue to exist eternally beyond your physical death. You will come to understand it one day.”

The band played the popular song Rakuen e during the second encore. Fans gazed at MORRIE, who got down on one knee, passionately singing in the midst of breathtaking twin guitar riffs. “This is the last song,” MORRIE stirred the fans up and actually organized them in such a way that he could stand on them. The memorable performance of Aurora created a moving scene of fans gathered around MORRIE and stretching their hands towards him. However, the legendary night wasn’t over. It had a triple encore. “This is the only song that could put a period on the circle of our 12 years together,” MORRIE said. Creature Creature’s career came full circle with the last song, Death Is A Flower. MORRIE introduced each band member to the fans after the song. “Thank you for 12 years. I think Creature Creature can sleep well,” MORRIE said at the end.

Set list

1. Death Is A Flower
2. Dream Caller
3. Phallus Phaser
4. Koku ni Highway (Highway in the Air)
5. Hoshi-Tsuki (Star-Possessed)
6. Black Hole
7. Fire Burn With Me
8. Kurumeki
9. So Heavenly
10. Golden Game
11. Mirrors
12. Labyrinth
13. Ataraxia
14. Andromeda
15. Tenshuu Ranman (Heavenly Ugly Blooming)
16. Eden Made (To Eden)
17. Ai to Shi no Yuugijou (Playground of Love and Death)
18. Decadent Angel
19. Amor Fati
20. Sexus
21. Dead Rider
22. Swan

Encore 1
23. Yume Kagami (Dream Mirror)
24. Maboroshi
25. Haru no Kikai (Spring Machine)

Encore 2
26. Violent Rose
27. Rakuen e (To Elysium)
28. Aurora

Encore 3
29. Death Is A Flower
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