Interview with THE SIXTH LIE at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018

interview - 08.27.2018 20:01

THE SIXTH LIE talk about their anime adventure.

Future rock outfit THE SIXTH LIE made a return visit to HYPER JAPAN this year after impressing with their UK debut at the 2017 event. In the year since their last visit they’ve released their SINGularity EP and latest single Hibana, the closing theme to the hit anime series “Golden Kamuy”. The trio took time out from their busy weekend to tell us about their latest records and their future plans.

Welcome back to HYPER JAPAN! How has it been touring Europe the second time around?

Ray: Last year was the first time we played outside of Japan. This year we weren’t so nervous, so we’ve enjoyed it very much.

When we spoke to you last year you mentioned possibly using more English lyrics in your songs. You released your latest EP SINGularity in English and Japanese versions. Could you tell us a little about the thought process behind that decision?

Reiji: Japanese fans like Japanese lyrics but we want to get more overseas fans so we split it in two. There are also things that are easier to express in English compared to Japanese, so that’s why we decided to release two versions.

What were some of the challenges of making a record in Japanese and English at the same time?

Ray: It was very difficult to translate the English version into the Japanese version because the melody can’t accept both languages.

Arata, was it difficult singing in English? Did you have to learn pronunciation?

Arata: I had to record many takes for the songs. Our manager told me how to pronounce the words properly.

Congratulations on your latest single, Hibana. How did you feel when you heard that you’d got the job to make the “Golden Kamuy” anime's closing theme?

Arata: Originally, when I started making music, I heard an opening theme for an anime and decided I wanted to be in a band. So I was really happy when it was decided that we could do an ending song for an anime.

Did you need to take a different approach to writing the song with an anime or manga for inspiration?

Reiji: Usually we just work with the members of THE SIXTH LIE, but this time the production team for the anime was also involved in making the song. It was a big project, so it was harder than usual because we couldn’t just do what we wanted to.

So there was some input from the anime production team as to how they wanted the song to sound?

Reiji: The anime production team likes rock songs, so it was harder than usual to find a nice place between rock and our usual sound.

It’s a different sound to your normal records. Are you going to try that sound again in the future for your own songs?

Reiji: We got a really good reaction from Japanese fans to the style of the new single, so maybe in the future we might put one or two songs like that into our albums.

There are lots of bands that specialise in anime themes. Is it something you’d like to do again in the future?

Reiji: If there is an anime that matches our sound, then we’d want to do it. But if we had to change everything for that anime, then…

What have you learned from the experience of making an anime theme, and could you bring that into your music in the future?

Ray: For us, it was the first time writing lyrics from an original manga. It was a great experience for me and I learnt a lot of things, like writing the feelings of characters from the anime into the lyrics, so that can be used in our future music.

How did you feel when you saw your finished song together with the animation?

Ray: I was very happy to see my name in the ending credits, very happy!

You’ve released EPs and singles so far. Are there any plans for a full-length album?

Reiji: The next album that we would make possibly, but nothing’s been decided yet.

Do you have any plans to perform in other countries?

Ray: We are going to Malaysia this month, and while we don’t have any other plans at the moment, we want to play in more countries.

Do you see yourselves as an international band, rather than a Japanese band?

Reiji: We’re an international band.

Could you leave a message for our readers please?

Ray: We love London very much. Last year we had a great experience in London and this year we had more great experiences, and we hope to come back to London again. So, when we come back to London, please come to see us again.

JaME would like to thank THE SIXTH LIE and HYPER JAPAN for this interview opportunity.
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