kamitsuki - REAR SIDES HERO

review - 09.22.2018 20:01

Music and anime.

It seems as if we wrote about kamitsuki’s second mini-album only a few days ago, but months have passed and the band have already released their first single. The new work has its flaws, yet leaves an overall good impression.

This time the release features four tracks. The interesting part is that they are placed in such a way that the single resembles an audio version of an anime episode. from Day to Day does a great job as an opening theme, so while listening to it anime lovers can remember many TV series. This cheerful song will be a perfect fit to each one of them. Actually, it would be a shame if in the near future kamitsuki weren’t invited to write some music for an animation series.

The next two tracks offer great action in the best shounen traditions. First, Gekka no Sou is surely one of the most powerful tracks in the band’s expanding discography. The combination of rock music and shamisen parts makes the track’s sound colourful and rich. The powerful rhythm and MiZUKi’s emotional singing help turn this song into a true gem. It’s not surprising that the band had chosen Gekka no Sou for the next MV; it has everything to make you fall in love with kamitsuki.

Vigorous 3 Words preserves the high speed, adding heavier riffs and drumming to the sound. The track is bursting with energy, and it’s really difficult to protect yourself from its wild nature. Due to the speedy pace and strong atmosphere there’s a good chance the two songs will be playing on repeat for some time — and they totally deserve it.

Every anime episode has an ending, so does REAR SIDES HERO. After an interesting battle one could wait for the grand finale, but Eternal Sunshine subtly closes the release without any memorable moments. With Silent Night and KAZOEUTA the musicians have already proved that they can write strong ballads, so it’s really sad to see that the new work lacks something as emotional as previously released slow songs.

However, three hits out of four is still a decent score. REAR SIDES HERO continues the band’s tradition of offering something fresh with every new release, and overall it’s a good addition to kamitsuki’s discography. After three releases it is safe to say that these musicians have almost mastered their small formats, so it will be really interesting to listen how they will deal with the full-length album.
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