KAMIJO Live Tour 2018 -Sang- Final at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

live report - 09.04.2018 20:01

KAMIJO’s "Sang Project" is coming to Europe this September.

KAMIJO concluded his Japan tour on July 15th, and his Sang Project Act III Europa Tour 2018 will begin this September. For this project, KAMIJO took on the grand challenge of combining his music and his story of Louis XVII live onstage.

The final show of the tour described the story of Louis XVII, who was rescued from captivity in the Temple tower and was eventually turned into a vampire by Ludwig van Beethoven, from the period of the French Revolution to the present day. In addition, Sang is the name of an anonymous boy who was killed in the Temple tower as a sacrifice for Louis XVII.

The sound of a bell informed the audience of the start of the show. White smoke started to fill the stage floor as a story movie introducing the history of the French Revolution was played on the stage screen. After the video ended, drummer YUKI, bassist Shigure, guitarists Anzi and Meku and vocalist KAMIJO entered the stage, absorbing loud ovations from the fans. During the members’ entrance, the fans raised up their blue rose penlights.

The live started with consecutive performances of Theme of Sang, Nosferatu, and Emigre. KAMIJO sang of the joint invention of the “Emigre System” by Louis XVII and the alchemist Count Saint-Germain in his intoxicating voice. The system uses the blood of resurrected corpses to produce clean energy resources for future generations. Those who are contracted to the “Emigre System” are allowed to meet their loved ones for a final time before their eternal death. During Nosferatu, a song featuring a dynamic collaboration of classical music and rock, KAMIJO passionately sang of his aestheticism beyond morality. The singer also captivated fans by having them sing along with him.

KAMIJO combined many different elements when producing the show, including footage of an actual TV commentator sharing his thoughts on the “Emigre System”, helping the show to cross boundaries between genres and even to achieve a sense of reality. “Do you know what revolution is about!? We destroy so that we can change!” KAMIJO stirred the fans up for Bastille. Fans headbanged and jumped up to the shredding twin guitar riffs and pounding drum beats as if they were joining forces with the vocalist to tear down boundaries.

KAMIJO also played several different characters during the show. In Castrato, he sang as Count Saint-Germain, who orchestrated the direction of human history from behind the scenes to create his ideal society. The song was followed by a heroic speech by Napoléon Bonaparte. Fans saw the image of Napoléon on the screen as the soul-stirring heavy band sounds and the graceful melodies of a string orchestra transported them into the time of revolution. During the performance of Sang I, KAMIJO vividly expressed the hidden weakness of Napoléon and the tragic fate of finding himself as a puppet in Count Saint-Germain’s master plan. The show continued on to Sang II as if it was a dramatic musical film. The song saw KAMIJO express Louis XVII’s growing distrust of Count Saint-Germain.

Later, the image of Louis XVII’s mother Marie-Antoinette appeared on the screen. Her voice could be heard gently telling her son to one day become a great king. Then, the image of Louis XVII appeared on the screen as white smoke once again covered the stage floor. Holding a blue rose in his hand, KAMIJO sang Louis ~Enketsu no La Vie en Rose~. During this song about the awakening of royal blood, KAMIJO struck an iconic pose, kneeling down on the floor and raising his rose skyward. Fans also waved their blue rose penlights to the grand song. “I dedicate the next song to Louis XVII, and all the boys and girls who fell during the revolution,” KAMIJO declared, sharing his feelings about Sang〜Kimini Okuru Namae〜. During the benevolent requiem, his voice conveyed his deep love and respect to the fallen children. Applause filled the venue at the end of the song. End credits rolled on the screen after all of the musicians left the stage.

Afterwards, the show featured a special performance by the Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku and KAMIJO. First, an animated movie of Miku awakening from a rose-decorated black coffin due to the power of the “Emigre System” was played on the screen. Miku and KAMIJO’s voices joined together during Watashitachiwa Tatakau, Kinou Madeno Jibunto, reaching through the boundaries of fantasy and reality. Miku, who was clad in a gothic black dress, danced adorably to the powerful rock music. “Bonjour! Thank you for inviting me!” Miku greeted the fans from the screen after the song. “Thank you for coming, my princess! You are as cute as ever! Miku helped me introduce my music to a broader audience. Thank you for joining me on the stage for 20 shows!” KAMIJO said to Miku. KAMIJO caught a rose Miku threw at him, and the show continued to Sang –Another Story- with Miku. The blue rose penlights of KAMIJO’s fans and the green penlights of Miku’s fans illuminated the venue during the singers’ borderless duet. “Thank you, Miku!” KAMIJO shouted at the end of the song. “Thank you. See you again!” Miku bade farewell, waving, and she disappeared from the screen.

KAMIJO, his band, and the fans celebrated the successful Japan tour by enjoying the songs Moulin Rouge and Vampire Rock Star together. “It was a big challenge for me to integrate the story and live music together, but I was able to make it work thanks to my band members, staff, and you guys. The story of Sang will go on, so please watch over it. Louis XVII lives on in my story. Thank you all for shedding a light upon him. Let us unite our voices to bring today to a close,” KAMIJO said to the fans. Everyone jumped up together and their shouts of “Vive le roi!!” brought the show to a grand finale.

Set list

01. Theme of Sang
02. Nosferatu
03. Emigre
04. Vampire Rock Star
05. Bastille
06. Symphony of The Vampire No.5 “Sonata”
07. Yamiyo no Lion
08. Delta
09. Castrato
10. Ambition
11. Sang I
12. Sang II
13. Louis ~Enketsu no La Vie en Rose~
14. Sang〜Kimini Okuru Namae〜
15. Watashitachiwa Tatakau, Kinou Madeno Jibunto
16. Sang –Another Story-
17. Barawa Utsukushiku Chiru
18. Mystery
19. Moulin Rouge
20. Symphony of The Vampire No.4 “Dying-Table”
21. Vampire Rock Star

End Roll
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