Interview with SCANDAL from Japan

interview - 08.21.2018 20:01

Sweet, sharp and poisonous.

Ahead of their Special Thanks US and Mexico tour that will kick off in New York on September 5th, SCANDAL from Japan spoke to JaME in an interview centered on their latest album HONEY.

What are your thoughts on returning to the US and Mexico? Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve with this tour?

RINA: I'm super excited! Within the past three years we've created more music that I'm confident about so we really are looking to bring you a great show. With this tour, I'd like to take in a lot so that I can write music with a new vibe, a new feeling!

In what ways have you evolved as a group?

TOMOMI: I think all of four of us have grown to express ourselves individually!

How does the title HONEY embody the theme of your album?

MAMI: It was hard to think of a word that described “sweet” and “sharp” like a thorn and even “poisonous” all together … the word “HONEY” fit the best so we chose it as the title. I also feel like the album's artwork and lyrics embody the feeling behind the album.

Platform Syndrome and OVER are breakup songs featuring downbeat lyrics that contrast with upbeat tunes. Why did you choose to approach these two songs in such a manner?

MAMI: Since our theme was “love songs from the woman's perspective”, we had this image of these two songs connecting with one another. OVER's sound is solid and has sort of a heavy feel, making it our envisioned rock song ... as for Platform Syndrome, we wanted this song to be the face of the album and I think it turned out to be a really energetic rock tune.

MAMI, please describe the creative process you went through for writing the music and lyrics for Oh! No!.

MAMI: Making this song was sort of like my habit, my strengths, or more so my interests, all came out naturally! The melodies and lyrics weren't really difficult to think about because whatever was on my mind at that time became the song!

What was the inspiration behind Short Short?

RINA: Usually, I love to watch movies and read tons of books so that's where my inspiration came from. The title “Short Short” is more like a really short story … even more than an actual short story … the lyrics depict the short-lived love story. Lastly, I think everyone enjoyed listening to that 1 chorus that wasn't included in the lyric pamphlet.

TOMOMI, you wrote Mado wo Aketera in 2015 without any real intentions to release it. What made you decide to release the song on HONEY? Did you feel that the timing was right?

TOMOMI: We made this song about three years ago … but at that time I felt like my soul sort of drifted out of me. I made this song in hopes of holding on to that feeling that I felt at that moment. While we were making HONEY, everyone kept saying “you should add this song to the album” and so yes, I do think having Mado wo Aketera included in the HONEY album was great timing.

Which song on HONEY did you find most challenging to create? Why?

HARUNA: I challenged myself a lot on the Short Short track. I sang more gently than I normally do which wasn't so much a “difficult” thing but more so an exciting thing given that I was able to push my limit as a vocalist.

What are some themes you'd like to explore in future releases?

RINA: As a band, our number one inspiration is from all the people and places we get to encounter while performing shows. With that being said, I think the themes we will explore from here on out will change once we start this Special Thanks tour and see everyone's reactions. I really want to hold on to our “surprise” factor and “original perspective” and so with HONEY, we felt it was important to stick to the unique style of being “the women who arrived and sing rock music”.

Please leave a message for JaME readers.

RINA: Thank you for always supporting us! I'm super excited to be touring in the US and Mexico again after three years! To everyone that came to our last tour, and to those who've recently heard about us, please come to our live show!

MAMI: Thank you for all your support from miles away! We will work hard to continue bringing you the latest of SCANDAL! Please continue supporting us!

TOMOMI: Listen to our best album out now, HONEY!

HARUNA: It's been three years since we've been to the states but for some places it has been 10 years and others will be our first time! We will work hard to bringing you the best performance ever so please come see us for our Special Thanks tour!

JaME would like to thank SCANDAL and MediaLab Public Relations for this interview opportunity.

Watch SCANDAL's video greeting for North American fans ahead of the group’s upcoming concert dates in the US and Mexico below:

Watch the trailer for HONEY below:

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