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interview - 09.01.2018 20:01

Learn more about KAMIJO's "Sang Project"!

Next month, Versailles frontman KAMIJO will return to Europe for a solo tour to give his fans there a taste of his Sang Project. Learn more about the project in JaME's interview with the charismatic vocalist!

What inspired you to start the Sang Project?

KAMIJO: It’s a project to make Louis XVII the king.

What is the overarching concept of your album Sang?

KAMIJO: I can say that it’s a story rather than a concept. It’s a story about Louis XVII who became a vampire to survive and the Count of Saint-Germain who lived eternally by taking human blood.

Many songs on Sang were sung entirely in English. How does your creative process for English songs differ from that of Japanese songs? Do you find singing in English challenging?

KAMIJO: Of course, it was a challenge for me to sing in English but I’m glad to do it because English creates the rhythm in the melodies and makes them more dynamic.

Mystery is an uplifting song with a magical, Disney-esque feel to it. What inspired you to write this song?

KAMIJO: I made the melodies of the song during make-up, with the image of a funny show in mind.

Why did you choose to write about Napoléon and Saint-Germain in Sang I and Sang II respectively?

KAMIJO: They appear not only in these two songs but in several songs. I made them appear also in the lyrics for these two songs to make the story easier to understand.

In July, you released another Sang-related single titled Sang ~Kimi ni Okuro Namae~. What is this single about?

KAMIJO: It’s a song for all the young boys and girls in the whole world who have passed away, but did not choose to leave the world on their own terms*.

*Editor's note: KAMIJO refers to boys and girls who have passed away due to various reasons such as war, famine and murder, but not suicide.

Your upcoming European tour is the third act of your Sang Project. Is there a story you want to tell through the different acts? What is the third act about?

KAMIJO: Basically, I will perform the same story as Act 1 during the tour. There’s no video projection but all the narration by voice artistes will be in English.

What can fans expect from your upcoming European tour?

KAMIJO: I’m sure that you will enjoy the story of Sang as if you are watching a movie.

Please leave a message for JaME readers.

KAMIJO: Thank you so much for your support. When I think that Sang will finally be out overseas, I really look forward to it. I wish to create and show you a real ideal world through this story.

JaME would like to thank KAMIJO and Torpedo Productions for this interview opportunity.
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