Re:MAKER - neo-invasion

review - 01.01.2019 19:01

Back in 2012, a trio including SAKI of Mary’s Blood gave Hatsune Miku her ‘girls rock’ debut.

When you think of the average Vocaloid producer, you usually picture a man sat in front of a snazzy Apple desktop, armed with a MIDI keyboard and maybe a guitar. You would rarely imagine a woman, let alone three women, all of whom are professional musicians. However, from 2011 to 2013, such a trio existed by the name of Re:MAKER. Initially formed as a duo by guitarist SAKI — then only recently departed from DESTROSE — and bassist Fin, they added drummer Anri for their first (and only) mini-album neo-invasion.

As if to dampen the expectations of listeners hoping Re:MAKER would be ‘LOUDNESS featuring Hatsune Miku’, the mini-album gets underway with a two-minute blast of sound effects. Even if we overlook the fact Miku is technically a synthesizer herself, some songs here are so saturated with electronics, there’d be a good case for labelling Re:MAKER ‘electro-rock’, were it not for the muscular drumming of Anri.

SAKI fans may be relieved to learn they’re not missing out on any spectacular guitar pyrotechnics if they can’t get hold of neo-invasion. She’s arguably upstaged by bassist Fin, who’s practically the lead instrumentalist on some tracks. Not to say SAKI doesn’t put in some fancy fingerwork, but this is no one-woman show. The minute the two spend trading solos on Hero!! could well be the mini-album’s high point.

As alluded to, Re:MAKER’s career only lasted a hot minute. Though they had a live DVD lined up for 2013, this and any other plans were nixed after SAKI was recruited by Mary’s Blood. Was it a loss? Almost certainly for the Vocaloid scene — it’s easy to imagine the trio being in high demand on the convention circuit if they’d stuck around.

That said, it’s hard to lament the band’s passing when you consider what SAKI’s gone on to achieve: she’s now a challenger to Syu and Takayoshi Ohmura for the crown of Japanese metal’s best guitarist. Her bandmates can’t quite match that, but neither have struggled for work. Both have continued to be in-demand support musicians, and Fin has also pursued solo projects like El.Mira and LionDigitalLiz.

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