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The new venture of four veteran J-rock stars made a successful transition into 2019.

MIMIZUQ concluded their first one-man live tour titled PINKY PUNKY PARTY!! at Tokyo’s Shibuya WWW X on December 30th, 2018. This new visual kei band, which was formed on June 22nd, 2018, consists of four established musicians: CASCADE vocalist TAMA, Psycho le Cému guitarist AYA and bassist seek, and GESSHOKU KAIGI (ex-Hysteric Blue) drummer Kusunose Takuya. So far the band has enjoyed a successful start of their career with their first full album, NAMIDA QUARTET, set to release on March 6th, 2019.

At the beginning of the show, four rays of flashing lights lit the dark venue as MIMIZUQ, including support guitarist YUYA, entered the stage. Fans cheered when the band members stood side-by-side and bowed to them.

“Welcome to PINKY PUNKY PARTY!!,” TAMA greeted the fans. A cheerful and fantastic dance-rock song immediately began, instantly charming everyone, while clown and guitarist AYA danced around with the band’s logo flag. Rays of light from a mirror ball sparkled upon the crowd as they waved their hands left and right, singing along to seek’s background chorus while TAMA entertained fans with his recorder flute solo. The band exhibited their more aggressive side during the next song, [syrup], and the crowd enthusiastically responded to the power and intensity of each verse by head banging to the song. Later, AYA once again had the audience dance to his choreography, this time using the band’s logo towel during Tokyo INVADERZ.

During the middle of the show, the resourceful band intoxicated fans with their bittersweet music. The sound of seek’s electric upright bass produced a nostalgic feeling, while TAMA’s tender voice warmed fan’s hearts during Natsu no Yuudachi, Suishin 300 Meter. The band continued to deliver their haunting melody in the next track, Piggyback. “We have a new song for you. AYA composed this song, Rain drop Tear drop.” A melodious pop song followed, communicating the bittersweet soundscape of MIMIZUQ. Later, the band rocked everyone with Kurayami de Hikaru, including a vocal interlude by seek. The aggressive bassist sung and stirred up the crowd, and their loud shouts and fist pumps followed his lead.

During the last part of the show, the band played their single songs consecutively. For Zigzagza, AYA once again had fans dance along to his choreography. Kusunose empowered the group’s performance with his rhythmic drum beats and shouting throughout the energetic song. In Zutto suki deshita, the band and audience cheerfully interacted with each other, fans waving their hands left and right to the colorful pop song. The band members also showed their own happiness with big smiles during the lively performance. MIMIZUQ closed the show with Grand Guignol, and TAMA’s sweet and heartwarming vocals strengthened the bond between the band and the fans.

For the encore, MIMIZUQ treated fans with a surprise performance of another new song, Secret Parade. As if they were the characters of a fairy tale, each member performed with a prop: TAMA sang merrily while holding a magic book in his hand, and the rest of members with their own props of musical instruments, cheerfully dancing to his vocals. The audience naturally started to follow the song’s choreography, and they cheered as the band members marched around the stage. Finally, AYA put a smile on everyone’s faces with his magic trick of popping a flower out from nowhere. The clown threw his flower into the crowd at the end. “I always wanted to dance on the stage,” Kusunose said after the song concluded.

Lastly, the band gave fans their final musical blast of the year by once again performing PINKY PUNKY PARTY!!, followed by Zutto suki deshita. “We will show our best again next year, so please follow us!” TAMA said to the crowd at the end of the show.

Watch a preview video of the band’s new album NAMIDA QUARTET below.

Set list

02. [syrup]
03. Tokyo INVADERZ
04. angel song
06. Natsu no Yuudachi, Suishin 300 Meter
07. Piggyback
08. Rain drop Tear drop
10. Shizumu morini furu itsukushimi no ame
11. Kurayami de Hikaru
12. Zigzagza
13. Zutto suki deshita
14. Grand Guignol


01. Secret Parade
03. Zutto suki deshita
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