Gazette - DISORDER

review - 04.06.2007 08:00

Who knew chaos could sound this good?

Talk about an aptly named release. Never before has an album title captured so well the essence of the songs held within. Disorder is exactly what it sounds like: a mish-mash of genres, sounds and styles all brought together by the GazettE’s (known simply as Gazette back then) unique talent for turning what would normally be labeled "cacophony" into "melody". Besides, it only takes one look at its cover, featuring Jesus removing his face to reveal a menacing looking skull, to realize that you should expect the unexpected.

Now, before we venture forward, I must offer a word of caution: this album is not for the faint of heart. It is earth-shatteringly loud, aggressive and can feel borderline psychotic at times. However, it is also fun, entertaining and, in a way, inspirational in its diversity. That being said, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better example of what this band is all about. As you gradually make your way through the tracks, you'll encounter many different layers of the outfit’s psyche. For example, you'’ll venture into the darker recesses of their mind as your senses are exposed to tracks like The Social Riot Machines and Carry?, featuring Ruki's signature "crazy" vocals and some of the most aggressive guitars this side of a Dir en Grey album. Oh, make sure to keep an ear open for Carry?'s chorus: it takes all the brutality the song has to offer and turns it into a few seconds of sweet melodic rock, creating some kind of love song with an edge. You’ll love it.

Next up is the band’s experimental side. Seeing as the Gazette seems to enjoy mixing different styles together, tracks like Maximum Impulse, Anti-Pop and SxDxR all house light-hearted centers within aggressive outer shells. Think Carry?, just with even more contrasts. It almost comes as a shock when the violence-clad verses are abandoned for happy-go-lucky, punk-influenced choruses. Nevertheless, fans can attest that this is a technique used frequently in the band's recordings, further evidenced by their later releases.

For those who enjoy their rock with a little less madness, the boys were nice enough to get in touch with their playful side to throw tracks like Shichigatsu Hachika and Zakurogata No Yuutsu into the mix. Thanks to their amazingly beautiful melodic guitars, smooth vocals and catchy choruses, these songs will definitely carve themselves a niche within the confines of many listeners’ hearts. Besides, how can you not like the simple-yet-great bass line Reita provides in Shichigatsu or the way Ruki almost croons his way through most of Zakurogata?

You could spend hours analyzing this album, but all you need to know is that it’s the disc of choice if you think your music collection needs a little spice. It has all the ingredients needed to add some "zing" to any day: energetic rock, playful rock and even something resembling soft rock. Your volume knob was created for releases like this one, so don’t be afraid to crank it up. Your tour guides to the wild side have arrived.
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